August 17, 2010

road trippin 1: nipomo and big sur

as a final huzzah before school, i decided to take an impromptu solo road trip up the coast two weeks ago.
passed through nipomo for some santa maria style bbq. this joint was next to the santa maria brewery, but i didn't go in sadly...
ended up getting the pulled pork sandwich though. the telera bread was a winner: slightly toasted, fresh, and thin but just enough to sop up the sauce. the coleslaw dressing was light, but it did its job in balancing out the bbq sauce, which was more sweet than tangy. gotta appreciate that crunch of the cabbage too! the pork was pretty darn tender. overall, a pretty solid sandwich although i'm not sure if it beats cabs with her smoking sprees lately.
from there, i went up to big sur and stayed at the new camaldoli hermitage.
room shot.
lunch was the main meal here, served buffet style and eaten in our separate rooms. i particularly enjoyed the quiche.
i spent a few peaceful days here, reflecting and getting my mind right for school. i know that it's a cliche, but i still say it with wonder every time: i can't believe how fast time has movin up to davis in a week and startin in two!

4 rah rah rahs:

Mary said...

that pork sandwich looks ginormous. looks like a lovely and peaceful retreat overall though - i liked your ocean view shots.

Dennis K. said...

Breathtaking awe-inspiring shots Sawyer! Best of luck! I'm gonna be totally hooked up with stuff in Davis.. ;)

Carol said...

Looks like you had a great trip. That pork sandwich looks really good. I tried having mine with slaw on it but I've come to realize I prefer slaw on the side.

Hope the move up to Davis goes smoothly. And if you can't get a smoker and craving smoked pork, I'll send you a care package. Like Dennis, looking forward to reading about Davis.

Sawyer said...

hey mary: it was! you could opt for getting a smaller sandwich, but i was starvin! big sur was pretty amazing!
dennis: thanks mang, but i'm not sure what stuff will really be out there, given it's a small college town/it's country. i don't mind though! =)
carol: i love slaw and whoever thought of putting it on the sandwich is a genius! thanks for the offer! i wasn't able to come down this time, but hopefully in the winter, i'll be able to see you all!

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