August 24, 2010


Still on my search for good sushi in the area, I decided to check out a place in the Chino area. I had been here once before a few years back, and it had seemed to be a promising place.
To start, I shared an eggplant dish that had been simmered in some kind of soy sauce base and topped with some grated radish, which I thought was pretty good.
My sister ordered a combo that came with soup and salad.
For her main dishes, she got chicken karaage and some sashimi. I've only had that chicken once a long time ago, so I don't really remember it too well, but this version was a bit bland although decently fried.
I got the chopped yellowfish (or was it toro?) in ponzu sauce, which wasn't too bad.
An order of ikura, which was also average.
And a sample nigiri plate. None of the stuff besides the spicy tuna roll was very fresh. I had proceeded to mark single orders of nigiri, but when I saw that it was cheaper getting this, I jumped on it. Well, now I know why.
I found both the quality and their prices average for a sushi bar. Seems to be a neighborhood favorite as the place was pretty packed. But my search for good sushi in the area still goes on.

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