August 13, 2010

my first chicago hot dog experience

after enjoying a few beers at bootleggers with some friends, we started to have the mad munchkin munchies. a friend suggested portillos in buena park, and off we went. the majority of these pictures are credit of the young, up and coming jomo.
inside, the place had enough visuals and bright lights to trigger an epileptic seizure.
after the posts on kirk's blog, you can only live vicariously for so long before you break down and get your butt over to whatever it is you've been reading about for the past few months...or even years. and let me say that this was delicious. Mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles and peppers on a poppy seed bun. i could taste celery salt in it too. like the restaurant itself, the dog looked like it had too much going on, but once you took a bite, wow. like the protocol when one has a fit, follow suit: clear the area and enjoy the ride. and for $2.45? winna~
i'm an onion rings lover, so of course, i had to try these as well, and these were solid....perhaps not the best, but when you got the munchies man...
friends opted for the italian beef on french bread, which looked really good too. they gave it two thumbs up. i mean look at that thing. would u want to mess with that? (the answer btw is hell yea, and say it with some gumption!)
we killed that **** mang! the place is pretty close to knotts...anyone want to go? i haven't gone in years and for some reason have been itchin to go. holla day inn! (credit goes to paestry, who's been murkin it w/ the posts lately)

7 rah rah rahs:

Dennis K. said...

Dude I'm so freak'n jealous mang!

Sawyer said...

hah, it should be the other way around dennis whenever i see all the great food you eat on your blog....esp sakura!

Carol said...

That dog looks awesome! I love Chicago dogs. The only thing it's missing is the neon green relish.

I've never been to Knotts. I think I'm the only person I know that has lived in CA this long and never been to it.

paestry said...

HOLLA-ndaise sauce!

I've been to this Portillo's in Buena and I've also gone to the one in Chicago. One word of advice for next time: get the dog charred, or "grilled." It makes it so much better!

KirkK said...

Hey Sawyer - Like Carol I noticed... no neon green relish! But at least they used celery salt. That's a detail that many places miss. Thanks for the link!

Sawyer said...

carol and kirk: yea you guys got me on that....i didn't mind too much though =)
paestry: thanks for the tip, i think i'm gona go again this weekend!

jomo said...

you really need to drop that "up and coming" tag... -__-

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