August 22, 2010

korea: nam dae moon & myung dong

It seems so long ago since I went to Korea, but I still have a post or two to finish up the trip. Namdaemoon Sheejang is a market/shopping area, one of the largest/oldest in Seoul.
This spot was selling some delicious wang mandoo (king dumplings), 5 for 2000 won (less than 2 bucks).
This was about a week or two before the World Cup, so national pride was running strong.
We then headed over to a nearby mall for lunch. I got the jjol myun (chewy noodles with vegetables), a refreshing antidote to the warm weather outside.
For dessert, we stopped by the nearby Red Mango and got some Pat Bing Soo (red bean shaved ice). I was a bit disappointed by this and have had better in the states.
Afterwards, we headed over to Myung Dong, a similar outside shopping center, where the old and modern coincide.
Wtf? This place was a clothing store.
At night, this place totally transformed with a lot more of the younger generation taking over the streets.
A street food bonanza.
It seemed overwhelming, but was nowhere on the level of the next place we were to go to...

5 rah rah rahs:

Dennis K. said...

Man, I wish there were more street vendors in SD....

Carol said...

I could have stuffed myself silly there. Are those batman boxer briefs I see?

Sawyer said...

Dennis: You have some solid mexican food trucks though, prob. one of the best in the us, no?
carol: yup...there wasn't much to get at the malls sadly...most were just american imports.

Anonymous said...

I lol'd when I saw the "Chinese Restaurant" sign... O goodness.

There's a Nam Dae Moon "restaurant" in Ktown. I like that place. By default, I think I'd have to like NDM shopping area.

Sawyer said...

hey sinosoul,
i'm not that good at korean geography, but once i came back, i did notice a lot of restaurants were named after certain parts of seoul although i really couldn't figure out why. it's definitely a bustling place though!

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