August 14, 2010

beef salad

cravings are a funny thing. i find myself wanting something that i hadn't even thought of or even never had. perhaps it's my body telling me it needs a particular nutrient or maybe i just read and eat vicariously through too many food blogs. whatever the case, i found myself very badly craving a beef salad. and not just any beef salad, but a thai beef salad. i had only a hazy recollection of what this really meant. i've never tried one before although i did have a delicious raw beef salad last year at sab e lee, having had a memorable lunch with several of my favorite food bloggers. so i decided to finally submit to my wants and took the opportunity to check out a new thai place in diamond bar.
for the longest time, this used to be the neighboorhood and filling pizza that i would get sometimes with a friend as we walked home from middle school. and i was pretty shocked when a few months ago i drove by and saw a thai joint. ordered a thai iced coffee that was a bit too heavy on the half and half, but still did the trick.
and here is the grilled beef salad (~$10): standard iceberg lettuce mix, mint, cilantro, red and green onions, and a lone slice of tomato topped with a whole lotta steak cooked medium. the dressing was a citrusy fish sauce base and i shoulda requested it on the side because there was too much on the salad. overall a borderline good salad but my body was happy. as i left, i found myself thinking that i should try to make this at home sometime as it seems simple enough.

2 rah rah rahs:

Carol said...

I think you should try making the beef salad at home too. And then post, of course. :-)

Sawyer said...

hahha...yea...gotta get me a bottle of fish sauce tho. sometimes i just crave somethin fresh!

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