August 27, 2008


first off, i bought a 6 pack of harvest moon pumpkin ale (the canadian brewing company that makes blue moon), and was disappointed. i'm no expert in pumpkin ales, as i've only tried one other from bjs, but i have to say that the bjs tastes a lot better because i can taste the pumpkin and spices more strongly in the bjs comapred to the harvest moon. and that's the taste i wanted as i was quite thirsty in this hot humid spell we've been having. i thought summer was over.

in sd, i used to go to a place called spices thai quite frequently for their lunch specials. say what you want, but i loved their tom khai (sp) /sour coconut soup, it was damn good. they had these fresh veggie spring rolls, which i liked getting, and you got some sweet/sour plum sauce and peanut sauce for dipping. i was craving that, so i decided to make some for myself. rolling it pretty like they do at spices, as well as any pho place, was a lot harder than i thought, not just the size of it, but keeping the veggies all stacked up nicely. i grated some carrots, radish, cucumber, and added some cilantro, mint and basil. it looked ugly and the size wasn't very consistent, but it tasted good. fresh light veggie rolls. however, i got a little trigger happy with the mint in some of them, and found that it overpowered the rest of the veggies. next time i'm going to put in some bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and maybe some tofu too.

i also tried to make some of the peanut sauce by blending together peanut butter, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic powder, sesame seeds and water, and it came out ok. it tasted mostly like peanut butter, but i mixed in some cock sauce, and it tasted better. i was a bit conservative with the other ingredients because i tried to make some peanut sauce one time, and i put in too much sesame oil, something i did not use this time, and it overpowered everything.

the end product.

randoms: i saw a tarantula a couple days ago under my front door and it was still there in the morning, so i took some pictures of it. i almost stepped on the damn thing with my bare foot. i couldn't stop looking at it. i've seen a tarantula before, but i've only seen one in the 'wilds' once or twice

i've been eating around some, but i need to sleep right now, more later.

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