June 30, 2010

drink local

taking a break from the korea posts to share some favorite watering holes.

sunday nights at ra sushi, one of those americanized sushi joints. happy hour starts at 8 pm. they recently raised the sake bombers from 5 to 6 bucks, but still a good deal.
you get a small hot sake (about 3-4 shots) + a 22 oz kirin. the sake is pretty harsh, but just drop it in your beer and you'll be alrite kid. i've tried a few of their hh menu items, none of them very good. but when you're paying 3.50 for a roll, you've pretty much lost your right to complain. get there early cuz this place is poppin and gets packed fast! (i go to chino hills, but i can imagine it's the same all around cuz the drinks are cheap)
the next place is on an inconscipuous corner in fullerton in a warehouse. most of these pictures from here on out were taken courtesy of the young and upcoming jomo.
bootlegger's. i had been looking for some local microbreweries nearby besides the chains and thanks to a tip from my friend paestry (who has now been transplanted back in sd, god bless her), mission accomplished.
a list of their refreshments. i felt like a kid in a candy store the first time i came in here. (~20 beers god damn!)
the sample flight is a good way to go to be able to try a variety. 5 2 oz pours for 3 bucks, what?! in general, their prices are pretty reasonable and a little lower than what you'd expect at a craft brewery. you'll find no pretentiousness here as you're free to ponder life while wearing an old t and shorts while sipping on beer in a mason jar. my favorites so far would have to be their golden chaos and cherry Chernobyl (which sadly is no longer offered). oh funny story the first time i came here. i noticed these two older biker gentlemen, waiting for their beer. these were some tough looking mother effers, tatted up to the gills and donning their worn out jeans and leather vests. everyone had their eyes on them as they left...in a scion xB.
i did say it was in a warehouse right? a small but chill place, much like the bruery. my only complaint is that the tasting room is open only thurs-sat and they close at 9. you can often find food trucks here which is a bonus since you don't have to go chasing after them nor deal with annoyingly long lines. staff is friendly too even with an ignoramus like me.
speaking of which, the bruery is another small but rising player in the world of beer.
i was introduced to this place by a friend. same deal here...enjoy liquid bread in the same warehouse they make their beer...food trucks sometimes...mixed easy goin crowd. you can do a sample flight here too. it's around 8 or 9 bucks, but you do get to keep the glass to bring home for your kids. lots of interesting libations to enjoy although not as many offered compared to booty's.

5 rah rah rahs:

jomo said...

i'm hardly young or upcoming...

you know you can order the kirin light for those heavy days?

sawyer said...

your blog says otherwise son. yea, but i don't like light. when i went last week though it just didn't taste very good to me and only ended up drinking 1.

annie said...

ooo those microbreweries look interesting! as for ra hh, i recently found out that their shrimp tempura is unexpectedly amazing...it tastes super fresh and quite light for something deepfried

Christine said...

omg! What happened to your blog? It's so fantastic! When did you go to Korea? I glanced at several of your previous posts and I want to shoot myself, everything look so freaking good. My mouth is watering.. Wow can't wait to read the posts. I finally added a new post. Please check it out.

Sawyer said...

hey annie, 'll try that next time. i've tried the veggie and i didn't have too much luck w/ the fresness, but they did give a lot. perhaps the fryer just had a bad day. let's hit up some hh soon!
christine i went in late may to early june. so glad you're back on the horse!

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