June 9, 2010

korea fo rea

the past 2 weeks just flew by and i'm back at home, wondering if it was all a dream. we left after midnight and oddly enough, about two hours into the flight, they served a meal. i don't know why, but i had a mad case of the munchies. A caveat to the weak of heart: these pictures may disgust you.

i opted for the beef, which was as drab as my picture, but beggars can't be choosers mang. it came with some potato salad w/ ham, a stale roll, and some cheesecake.
while my sis got the bibimbap (which I ate too). It came with some miyuk gook (seaweed soup) and some pickles with some fruit for dessert. not bad pig...not bad at all if you squeezed out all the gochoojang (red pepper paste) on it. After 3 glasses of wine (I amusedly watched the guy next to us down at least 5 glasses of wine, but no drama for your baby's mama), I passed out for a couple hours and awoke just in time for breakfast.
Green tea porridge. This was surprisingly good.
We arrived at Incheon a few hours later, only to be greeted by gloomy, rainy weather. Took a bus to a smaller airport and waited a few hours to go to Jejudo, an island off the southern tip, so we explored the airport.
loads of these machines all over korea.
Korea has been becoming more and more westernized over the years, and I saw plenty of these joints around Seoul.
A display of some of the goods. (At the time, the dollar was about 1200 won woot).
Food here wasn't that expensive (compared to the U.S although obviously more than what it would cost elsewhere). We ended up going into a random joint for a late breakfast/whatever meal it was in the US as the time was 16 hours ahead. I got the kimchi udon.
Kimchi ramen straight from the package (they didn't try to front here and proudly had the boxes out for all to see), but still good when you're hungry.
Needless to say, I got a lot of reading done. Goggles! Damn I'm still jetlagged.

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KirkK said...

Hey Sawyer - We flew Korean Air to Beijing..... layover in Incheon as well. I kinda enjoyed the Bi Bim Bap, and loved Gochujang in a tube!

kirbie said...

Welcome back! I dont know why, but I love airplane food posts. The bibimbap and the green tea porridge look yummy.

Mary said...

I can't believe they have a Dunkin Donuts and we don't! We have to see the commercials for Dunkin all the time, too. Wah.

Dennis K. said...

Hey mang, you know I have a strange attraction to airline food because I love the efficient packaging.. Wish I got to go on more international flights. Domestics they give you a cookie if you're lucky. Anyway I'm looking forward in reading more about your adventures over there!

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