December 29, 2009

Pie o my

My sister and I attempted to make a lemon meringue pie a few days ago. This was definitely trickier than the other pies I've made and required a lot more work and time. The crust was made first, then the filling, then the meringue.
I rolled out the the dough for the crust for the first time. It's gonna take a while before I can get it down, but man, it was not easy (nor pretty).
The finished product.
After letting it cool and fridging it, it was time to taste test it.
Failed. What pie? It was a friggin soup. While everything tasted good, I had baked the meringue too long, which is why you can see some droplets. The bigger problem was the filling. It was thick before I had topped it with the meringue, but somewhere and somehow along the line, it became watery. Upon some research, I'm guessing I either did not completely cover the meringue over the pie or I didn't let it cool enough, which resulted in the pie becoming "weepy." I am going to have to ask the baker what I did wrong and try again.
With some leftover crust pieces. I quickly (as you can probably tell) squished them, dipped them in some cinnamon and sugar, and baked it with my pie. I called them "crusties." =p
still messing w/ the blog as you can see. Not really sure what I want for the picture for my header nor do I really know what to do with the size.
Almost January. It never ceases to amaze me every year how fast time goes. Days are mere minutes...

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Anonymous said...

Woo, lemon meringue pie. It looks really nice, nice peaks! I didn't have complete success on my first lemon meringue pie attempt either. The filling firmed up but I overbaked the meringue.

How long did you refrigerate the pie? Not only does the pie have to be completely cool (put your hand on the bottom of the pan and feel for warmth), refrigerating the pie for 5 hours or so will also help set the filling. Don't wrap in plastic wrap or else it'll ruin the meringue.

How thick was your filling when you cooked it? It should be pretty thick. Another thing to try is to
use a whisk when filling starts to thicken and switch to a wooden spoon to stir to avoid breaking down the cornstarch. Filling should also be hot when filling the pie crust.

If all else fails, you can try baking the filling without the meringue for 6-10 min and then add the meringue and bake according to instructions.

Wow, no wonder I haven't made a lemon meringue for a while now.

Dennis K. said...

You invented something new! Looks delicious.

EatTravelEat said...

Aww, too bad the filling was not as successful as the beautiful peaks of meringue. But those crusties look and sound fantastic!

I know, the year goes by so fast! Already my blog is one years old. Fast...

Oski said...

Did you use cream of tartar in your meringue to prevent weeping?

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