December 11, 2009

going to california

SF that is.

school's out, work's done, and it's time to play. i'm loving the rain....lord knows california needs it.

I am still messing around w/ the blog and learning a few tricks about html on the way. i know i have a lot of blogs missing on the links section. i lost them all somehow, so i'll have to add them one by one if i can find/remember them all. but overall, i like what i have so seems a lot less cluttered.

here are some pictures of some goodies my sister brought back with her from norcal a few months back...(which also shows you how far behind I am in some of my posts...)

a fruit tart w/ an excellent cream filling from La Farine Bakery

A half baked veggie pizza from Zachary's. Of course, our oven is a joke compared to theirs, so it didn't come out as well, but still, it was nice to eat.

I'm going to pass out now...I still have to pack...

4 rah rah rahs:

kirbie said...

oooh that fruit tart looks gorgeous and delicious!

Dennis K. said...

Love the new format with giant pics sawyer! I kinda miss the doggie now that I seen it for so long, he he. Hope you have a great safe trip! Cheers

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout but I miss the lab also. And that fruit tart looks so good! Love a good fruit tart.

Have a great trip to SF!

imjustatree said...

haha maybe i'll have to put him back up there due to popular demand... =p

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