January 3, 2010

Another Pie Post

Apple pie this time, and again, it was a recipe given to us by our dad's manager.

I liked this double crust recipe because I'm not a fan the dry and flaky crusts. But we made the bottom part thin and the top part thick, so I'll have to remember to adjust for next time.
The apples used were Jonagold. I never had one until that day, and I found them soft like a Gala. There's so many different apples out there, so it should be fun, trying them all out and seeing which tastes best to me. The apples weren't as firm as I'd like them to be, but that may be fixed by slicing the apples thicker or using a different type of apple. What are your favorite apples to use?
We opted to use a pyrex baking pan because it'd be easier, and the pie pan we had might have been too small.
Dotting it with butta (sorry blurry picture)
My sad attempt at trying to make a flower/Mitsubishi sign on the crust.
Once again, the presentation was ugly, but it tasted pretty damn good. I'm going to give it another shot next week with different apples.

Happy new year to everyone! I'm off to do some running. First work out of the year. Lost all control over the break...too many baked goods!

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KirkK said...

Happy New Year Sawyer! You've been like crazy lately, huh?

nienie said...

that looks scrumptious! do you mind posting the recipe?

Dennis K. said...

Hey Sawyer, Happy New Year! I want to make a mini version of the pie that fits my only toaster convection oven..

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Sawyer! Your pie looks delicious! I like the flower in the center. Try adding some Granny Smiths (or another harder flesh variety) with the Jonagold to balance out the texture and flavor.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Mmm. Pie! I'm totally a pie person.

EatTravelEat said...

Mmm...looks delicious after not having apple pie in a month! Love the large pieces of apple and the pattern you created on top. So nice.

Happy New Year!

Cathy Doe said...

Macintosh. Always.

dcfoodie said...

Never Macintosh, too mush. Use a hard sour apple like Granny Smith or crab apples. These apples will hold their shape but sweeten with the brown sugar and baking. Really ugly hard little apples make the best pies.

Good luck in Kansas!

Sawyer said...

thanks for the input everyone.

i've made two more pies, each w/ different apple combos and crust recipes. i tried grannies w/ gala and liked it. next i tried mac and grannies, and i liked that too, but i could have cut back on the sugar. mac has a pleasant taste for me, but it was really expensive 1.99/lb, compared to the other apples. i also encountered "honeycrisps" that were 1.99 as well, but the name sounds quite appealing.

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