January 12, 2010

Soup in Berkeley

What do you like the next day for your hangover?

I like my soup, and I like it hot. After a night in SF, I met with my sister, who took me to a Thai temple in Berkeley, where a bunch of food stands were erected against the gloomy, cloudy weather.
Beef noodle soup: meatballs and slices of beef with your choice of thickness of noodle. I went with medium. In between the cold weather and hangover, this was a godsend, warming me from my head to toes.
I also shared a papaya salad. It was more sweet than spicy. Is it supposed to be crisp? I always imagined it to be, and I've had it twice before, but can't remember. It was a refreshing complement to my hot soup.
Lastly, I saw some ladies working the griddle and got some of these things.
Some kind of taro cake and khanom krok, a kind of pudding pancake that just melts in your mouth, made with coconut milk and? I didn't like these too much as I found the addition of gren onions overwhelmed everything else, but I still ate them all =)
Overall, I was happy with the food. The dilemma I always face when I go to a Thai place is whether to get pad thai or go for something new. And for the past few times, I've been able to hold out and be adventurous. But man, I love pad thai and pad see ew too much. There's a Thai temple near my house. I wonder if they do this too?
I thought the interview overall went okay, and regardless of my negative dwellings on some parts of it, it was a good experience for me. Part of me still couldn't believe that I had made it this far and was there. The people were very friendly, and I would love to have the chance to go there. Just have to wait and see now. Thanks for your encouragement!

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Gastronomer said...

I've always wanted to try the Thai Temple in Berkeley. The food looks good! From one Pad Thai lover to another, it's cool to order it all the time. Why not, right?

SinoSoul said...

This looks far superior to the now weakened Wat Tai in Hwood. I haven't ordered a plate of Pad Thai in at least 3 years. Total waste of calories and stomach space. Why not go much deeper? FWIW, They sell fresh khanom krok outside of LAX-C everyday as well.

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