July 26, 2010

truit fart

Inspired by Nad's Bakery's post on a fruit tart, my sister and I decided to give it a shot.
We're still getting the strawberries from the same spot, and while I don't often go out on a limb to sing my praises about this hoot nanny or that, this little shack sells the best strawberries I've ever had, and the prices aren't too bad looking either (~$16 a box or less than $10 for seconds(smaller strawberries, but same sized box).
the finished product, which was laughable compared to nadia's. guess i should have looked at her pictures before putting on the fruit haha. also i ignored my sister about the crust being too thick, which it turned out to be. timing the crust cooking time was tricky too, and the crust ended up being overcooked but not burnt thankfully. overall though, it tasted good if you just closed your eyes and didn't look at the thing. i plan to give this another shot, but will use vanilla bean instead of extract to see how it tastes.

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Mary said...

i also have issues with baking crusts. but it still looks damn tasty! now i want some strawberries!

Cathy Doe said...

For the crust, I have tried using sugar cookie dough (baked first_ and also the refrigerated pie dough with sugar pressed into the crust and also baked first. Otherwise, good fruit is good fruit. Looks tasty.

Carol said...

I have never baked a perfect tart crust yet. Just can't seem to get it right but I have a tendency to overwork the dough. Your tart looks pretty good to me. Did you use Nadia's pastry cream recipe?

Sawyer said...

hey mary..yea i still haven't gotten it down but i only have a few pies under my belt...it's definitely tricky, but we'll get it soon enough.
cathy, sugar cookie dough sounds pretty good too, i think i may try that.
haha looks like we have the same problem carol. yes i did use nadia's recipe, but next time i will use another pastry recipe that i have that uses real vanilla bean (that i also use for banana cream pie)

Dennis K. said...

H*ly Cr*p that looks good.... I don't have a big sweet tooth but fruit tarts I really really like. Looking forward to part two Sawyer!

Sawyer said...

hey dennis. my sister would bring back a fruit tart or too at la farine from berkeley...they make some pretty damn good oens up there and their cream is really good. hopefully i'll be able to get to their and nadia's level some day, but thanks for the encouragement!

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