July 29, 2010

yosemite sam

a few weeks ago, i went camping with a few friends to yosemite. i didn't take pictures of the food because i was too busy cooking, but i did get to try a tri tip recipe from menu in progress that was pretty doggone good. it was my first time cooking over a fire though, so it was tricky, but i did learn a few things from it. honestly though, it could have turned out like crap and still tasted good. i don't know about you, but when i'm out camping, everything tastes delicious. i remember once i had canned corn beef hash on a trip and thought it was the best thing i ever had. so when i got home, i bought it at the market and cooked it up, only to spit it out because it tasted like dog food. so there you have it.
despite the beer drinking binges and card games, we did have time to squeeze in a short hike to sentinel dome.
where you got a pretty nice view of yosemite falls
as well as the amazing half dome....something that is on my to do list the next time i come here.
made a new friend up here. damn thing had been fed by people so many times, it wasn't afraid to get close.
inspiration point. a weekend is barely enough time to just see one place because the park is huge.
we left the park through the west exit, following the merced river and noticed it was remarkably hot as it got well over 100 F that day.
decided to just stop by the first place to grab a quick lunch before the long drive back and saw this happy joint in mariposa.
the place was so packed and busy! a typical american joint with your sandwiches, burgers, and what not.
having had my fill of meat and heavy food, i was craving for something light and fresh so i got my favorite tuna sandwich on wheat and a trip to the salad bar.
verdict? it was a good sandwich although the mayo seemed a little watery. all in all though, a fun trip with some old friends.

4 rah rah rahs:

Christine said...

those sandwiches look so yummy! That pickles looks particularly refreshing.

btw...please tell me you are Ronald Weasley. I was laughing so much.

Sawyer said...

no idea what you're talkin about mate. i'm a bloody squib ;)

Mike said...

Looks like a great camping trip - glad you had a chance to try the Tri Tip!

Kirbie said...

Love your squirrel pic! It's interesting how some of them completely lose their fear of being around people. I remember when I visited the Berkely campus and the squirrels would run right up to me after I fed one of them. No fear at all. I was kind of scared of them; they were so fat and aggressive.

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