July 26, 2010

disney adventures on kcal nine

about a month back, my recently engaged cousin and her fiancee flew into cali for her birthday, while i did have a disneyland annual passport once, i had never been to dt, so with my camera, i trotted over to downtown disney.
to tortilla jos.
while we were waiting, i munched on some free thin tortilla chips with some decent blended salsa and sipped on my strawberry margarita. Given the location, it's pretty darn pricey (~40 bucks a pitcher x_x)
After changing my mind a few times, I settled on Jo's favorites ($14.95): chicken flautas, tequilla bbq ribs, spicy mango mustard shrimp, and a carnitas tostada. The carnitas and ribs were dry with not much going on, but I did enjoy the flautas. The shrimp, sadly, wasn't much on the spicy side and was more of a very sweet mustard than anything else. But it was a pretty big platter, and I wasn't able to finish it.
besides the happy couple, i also got to meet my cousin's talented friend/co-organizer of the party nadia, who has a beautiful blog. she baked some nice treats for everyone to look at and enjoy.
along with some chocolate cupcakes with a hazelnut(?) filling inside. *so* good as cathy from mmm-yoso would say =)
a trip to the tower of terror(that ride is awesome) would have been a nice nightcap, but being able to see j&j was good enough. congrats again you two!

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