July 11, 2010

cowabunga dude

i have been wanting to go to tony's little italy in placentia for quite a while now after reading the new diner's post. the opportunity arose when I met w/ a friend, who let me choose the joint.

we ordered tony's special: sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms (i think canned? not that I cared), and onions. the crust was thin like a pie, and what stood out the most here was that it was very cheesy. i've had two chicago style pizzas before, at bjs being in the middle and zachary's with a lot of sauce, and it's funny how this one fell on the opposite scale. overall, i liked it although i wasn't much of a fan of all that cheese, but if that's your thing, i think you would really like it.
observe the healthy puddle of oil leaking out on the side. call me weak, but after two slices, i was done.
the place itself is pretty small and in a strip mall that's easy to find. we went for lunch, so there wasn't much of a wait besides the time it took for the pizza to bake.
1808 N. Placentia Ave Unit B
Placentia, CA 92870

also, don't forget, free slurpee at 7-11 today!

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Jackie Kim said...

hrmmm. slightly disappointed by the pool of oil. maybe dont need to go there when i come home. let's go to zachary's. hahah.

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