June 23, 2009

strawberry fields and a beer run

I'm sure many of you have your own favorite place to get your produce, but this is where we get ours.

Plopped in the middle of suburbia (you can see some houses in the background =p) of Ontario lies a strawberry "farm" where we pick up a box of strawberries every Saturday after work.

1 box/6 pints is $12. It is a bit pricier than what you can get at the markets, but they definitely taste a lot better. They sometimes also have a seconds box, which is the same amount, but smaller strawberries for $7.

They also sell some other vegetables and fruits. I don't think they grow them all here, but I am really not too sure.

Picked up some tomatoes for a buck. I think these were grown here because the box they came in says strawberries. But if this place is called Mora Farms, I have no idea. I'll have to ask them next time.

A small little shack/stand where the business is done!
On the west corner of Riverside Drive and Mountain Ave
Chino, CA (I think it is Chino, not Ontario. Off the 60 Freeway Mountain exit)

And now, a short segment of what one's drinking:

Sam Adams Blackerry Witbier. I saw this at Albertson's the other day and decided to pick up a 6 pack. Witbier is just what it sounds like: wheat beer. Along with blackberries, coriander and orange peel. It has a very strong smell of blackberries, but I didn't think it was was as sweet as their Cherry Wheat. Enjoyed w/ some Jack in the Crack in the background. I had the beer munchies =) And you know Jack has your back at 3 in the morning...haha kidding, but you have to appreciate the place being open 24 hours.

Also picked up a bottle of this bad boy: La Fin Du Monde. A Canadian brewed Belgian style ale. A 9%, but it didn't take over the beer. I thought it was smoother than some other Belgians I've tried. Go Canada!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a book/article/blog for beer? I'd like to learn more about drinking. =)

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Gastronomer said...

Freshly picked anything is worth a couple bucks more! So good when it's SO fresh. Those strawberries look damn good.

Mike said...

For a beer resource, I highly recommend beeradvocate.com. Check out their beer styles page - it is a very comprehensive list of beer style descriptions along with top-rated examples.

Their beerfly page is also a great resource when looking places to drink or buy good beer.

Anonymous said...

Woo boy I could use some of those strawberries. I have a strawberry tart recipe I've been wanting to try but I've yet to get a pint that tastes as fresh as those from the stands. The Farmer's Market by my house has sucky strawberries. I think I need to drive a bit to one of those stands.

SinoSoul said...

I love freshly picked strawberries. To go with them, I make some walnut/almond creme anglaise and pretend we're in Paris...

Sawyer said...

gastronomer: yes i definitely agree. you get what you pay for.
mike: thanks for the link...i'll definitely be going through this site!
cab: it's a bit of a drive for u =p there's got to be some good stands in sd somewhere...
sinosoul: had to look up what anglaise was, and damn that sounds delicious...i'm going to give that a shot this weekend

Dennis K. said...

Hi Sawyer, never tried blackberry beer but now I'm very intrigued! I love the pumpkin ale that comes out in the Fall so I think I'll like it. The paintings on that strawberry shack is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

shavedicesundays said...

Ontario?? I've gotta try. How does it compare to Cal Poly Pomona?

Sawyer said...

dennis - yea give it a shot...have you ever tried their cherry wheat? it's sweet...like they put a shot of cherry syrup in there =p
sis- i only went to cpp that one time, but i like this place a lot better! let me know what you think

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