June 9, 2009

Hopped up

on these beans here.

A couple of these, and I guarantee you'll be jumpin jumpin.

Quick post for today. Finals week. Enough said. Probably the worst semester I've had for a long time. (Don't mean to bitch, but what the hay, it's my blog ain't it?) What to look foward though afterwards: trip to Mt. Baldy, SD, and SF. How this affects you? Lots of good eats posts in a few my friend, and a few pounds gained on my end. Then back to sweet reality of school, apps, and the GRE. As my friend the Owl would say, hoot hootums!

Funniest moment of tutoring this semester: When someone tried to argue with me that the word "pedestal" was spelled "petal stool." Yes, he was being dead serious.

"Peace, love and tacos." (for all you kogi followers lol)

2 rah rah rahs:

Gastronomer said...

Good luck with finals! Peace, love, and burritos.

Carol said...

Ditto on the finals! Looking forward to seeing all the places you eat.

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