May 9, 2010

is the amusing name of El Pollo Rico's website (dun't work mang) painted outside their door, and let me tell ya, the colonel's got nothing on this joint, so good you'll be suckin to get every last bit of that marinade on dem bones even though you just visited the doctor's and she told that if you kept up those high cholesterol levels, it would kill ya. All right, perhaps I'm stretching the truth a bit as this was my first time trying peruvian rotisserie style chicken at El Pollo Rico in Maryland, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I thought it was pretty tasty, especially slathered with some aji and mayo(?) sauce. Fine dining? Rip apart the meat with your hands because civility has no place here when there's a tasty bird waiting to be devoured. Respect the meat mang!

A cheap and filling dinner was washed down with some Chicha Limena, a purple corn drink that tasted a bit medicinal due to the cloves in it. (eugenol extraction in ochem lab anyone?)
For dessert, we stopped by an ice cream joint run by a Jamaican woman. I tried a scoop of coconut pineapple and rum raisin. While the former wasn't anything special, the rum raisin was absolutely delicious, and I don't really consider myself a lover of rum (although my experience with it is laughable having only had, you guessed it, captain morgan's during college). The maker used a heavy hand, and the ice cream was potent, so much in fact that despite it being in the freezer, the plump, soft raisins burst with rum and started to sing yo ho yo ho in my mouth. Another noteable mention was the Guinness ice cream, a chocolate malty start with a smooth Guinness finish. An absolute delight.
I challenge you to try that on for size, Yogurtland, and I don't want your Red Velvet either. But I'll save that rant for another day my friends.

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Dennis K. said...

Dude you crack me up Sawyer. The link dun't work mang is right! I still need to try Peruvian roisserie. I had it as a sandwich at this one place but they took all the skin off! What's up with that!? Anyway hope you're doing well..

Carol said...

Rum rum rum, yum yum yum. That's all I gotz to say.

EatTravelEat said...

That ice cream looks divine! Haha, my friend loves the Red Velvet. I haven't been to Yogurtland in a year so no comment! Certainly doesn't feel like a year though.

imjustatree said...

dennis: no skin? someone call the pope because i'm pretty sure that covers at least 3 of the 7 deadly sins!
carol: wurd. let the haters hate on, but hold your head up high cuz you speak and know the truf!
eattraveleat: lol i thought it was ok...i just hate the name, that's all =p they still got nothin on that that rum raisin or guinness ice cream though...although it's not really fair to compare the two.

Mary said...

i think kfc is totally gross now, especially when you can find little places that serve good chicken (or make it yourself!).

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