May 12, 2010

harry potter and the big ol chocolate cake

After a few days in dc, we took the bus for 9 bucks to philly to meet another cousin. while waiting at the local B&N book store for her to pick us up, i started reading several volumes of y: the last man , and i found it to be pretty damn good. while i could go on about being a comic book geek (and btw, isn't a graphic novel just a fancy way of saying a thick comic book?), i'm sure you rather see pictures of what i had for dinner.

we picked up some wine and walked over to Dmitri's, a Mediterranean joint. The place was quite small, and we sat at a table behind the grill. I can't see myself settling down in the city, but I really do like that you can just walk around everywhere.
Our wine was chilled (I think no corkage fee, but correct me if I'm wrong) and a basket of pita bread was brought out. We hadn't really eaten lunch, so my sister and I were starving, and we (or maybe big ol fat me) went to work on the place, ordering the hummus.
Beets, one of my favorite veggies.
A crappy picture of some delicious meatballs, cooked so that the shell was a little hard, but everything inside, still good.
Calamari. Chewy chuga choo choo.
We also had some blue fish, but I didn't bother taking a picture because at that point, I was more concerned about stuffing my face rather than thinking about the blog. Sorry yall, but a guy's gotta eat! The food here is prepared simply with no frills or tutus to be found. Perhaps I am biased because I was starving at the time, but I really enjoyed my meal here along with tossing back a few glasses of white wine.
We then stopped by for dessert, getting some water ice (think soft shaved ice) at a local joint (not ritas) and trudged back home. The night ended with Scrabble and The Blind Side while munching on some cheetos, Haribo gummy bears (the best), the fattiest slice of chocolate cake you ever did see from a Jewish deli in DC (the name was Fat Chocolate cake or something and which was SO damn good), and a bottle of red wine. Note: I thought the gummy bears would go well with the wine, but guess it just goes to show I have much to learn about pairings.
Stay classy my friends.

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Carol said...

Those beets look good! Thank goodness I have some in fridge now that I'm craving for them.

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