May 17, 2010 (it wurks)

I spent the last few days back in DC, wandering around the mall.
Across the river, and eventually reaching Georgetown
to this pizza joint, Pizzeria Paradiso and was seated next to their open window.
They had a pretty good selection of beer. I ended up trying the St. Faulian Triple, and then later a Bear Republic Big Bear Stout. They had beers from all over and I was surprised to see one from The Bruery, a small microbrew in Placentia. And I got a simple margherita pizza: tomato, basil, mozzarella. The cheese was really milky and overall, this was a good pizza. Plus after a long walk, I was starving, so I devoured this in no time.
My last day, I went to check out The General Store with my cousin. In some DC magazine I got from the airport, they were listed under soul food, but they offer quite a variety from fried chicken to fish tacos.
I ordered the sweet tea, then we sat down while we waited for our food. It's not exactly sit down, but you pay and sit, then a guy comes over with all your food.
I got the chili w/ cornbread. Hearty and a little on the sweet side.
while my cousin ordered the chicken tarragon sandwich. Very fresh tasting. They make everything here down to their mayo. We also shared two sides
rich mac n cheese
and some delicious collard greens with small pieces of pork.
For dessert, although I was stuffed, I had to try some of their lemon chess pie. Really sweet, but the lemon helped to cut through some of that. They also offered some kind of buttermilk pie, which I also wanted to try, but I think I'll just take a shot at making it sometime soon instead.
Overall, I thought it was good solid homestyle food but a little on the pricey side.

3 rah rah rahs:

Dennis K. said...

Hello from Cleveland Sawyer, I hope to blog about my eats soon like you've been! Thanks for sharing as always. Mmm mac and cheese and collard greens! :)

Carol said...

I've never heard of chess pie before. Could you taste the cornmeal in it? I'm assuming the cornmeal is in the crust.

imjustatree said...

this was my first time seeing or hearing of chess pie too. i can't really say if i did (i don't know what cornmeal tastes like) but the crust was really good. not flaky, but more solid

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