May 18, 2010

we fly know this...MULIN!

takin a quick break from food to talk about a few bottles of pop. while i don't have the elegance or beautiful pictures like A Menu in Progress' Sazerac Cocktail (one of my favorite posts although I have yet to try this), I hope you enjoy. a few months ago, i was introduced to the power of the moscow mule, and have since converted to the church of all things mule. for those that don't know: wiki is truth.
there are variations of course(i've enjoyed it also w/ rum and i hear mixing with jameson is tasty as well), but that's the gist of it. A funny dramatized manga take about the idea if it's true or not, but never thought I'd read a comic centered around a bartender. so i got my fat ass over to bevmo to get ginger beer. what's ginger beer? a stronger (nonalcoholic usually I think) version of ginger ale.
-cock 'n bull....the og gb used when this magical drink was created. if you like ginger, you'll really like this(take some notes canada dry). it packs a huge punch that initially seems to sizzle on your tongue and then leaves a spicy ginger karate kick that lingers in your mouth.
-Bundaberg. this was a much sweeter version that hailed from Australia. Overall, although you could still taste the ginger in this one, it was a much more mellow compared to cock n bull. both used strictly sugar as their sweetener, and you could definitely taste it more in this one. they also boast that their drink is naturally brewed, which I think means that instead of artificially adding carbonation, the bubbly is created naturally through fermentation. i'm not sure if cock 'n bull does this too, but bundaberg's wasn't very bubbly at all.
i also really love root beer (virgil's is one of my fave's) and decided to check one out from Sioux City as Bev Mo has not just a wonderful alcohol/beer selection, but sodas too. this was ok at best, but it really didn't taste that much different from your main line root beers.
their sarsaparilla/"the grandaddy of root beer" was definitely better, and both were quite sweet. i'm sure that you have your own sweetener preference for pop. depending on how i'm feeling, i'll opt for one or the other, but i have to admit, i have a weakness for American HFCS coca cola, and let me tell ya, when mc donald's had that 64oz soda for under a buck, i did not hold back. i love that sizzurp!
in case you were wondering what's up with the dog, it's my attempt to "spruce up" my poorly taken pictures. it was given to me before one of my school interviews, and i squeezed the living bejeebus out of that thing as i waited my turn to be grilled.

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Mike said...

I don't think I've ever had a Moscow Mule, which is silly because it is such a classic cocktail.

It always reminds me of the ad campaign Woody Allen did for Smirnoff:

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