April 25, 2010

obama for yo mama pt. 2

After wandering around DC, the night ended with a late dinner at Ben's Chili Bowl. Couzin told me that since elected, Obama has been eating around town, doing wonders for the restaurant economy, and Ben's was no exception as he dropped in, unannounced, with the mayor of DC one day.

An amusing sign posted for all the world to see.
taken from cache.daylife.com
What do you crave after you're drinking? I usually like some sort of soup. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option at this place, but that was okay since I was here to try the chili half smoke, a moderate sized link made up of half pork and beef with a variety of spices, and combined to create something new for me.
Not the most attractive picture and I didn't take a very good shot at it either, but the half smoke itself did the trick for dinner and the morning after =x. The chili wasn't too heavy and didn't overpower the sausage at all. All was well in the world. I just wish we had it given to us fresh off the grill because it seemed like it would have tasted a lot better hot, but we did come after midnight.
Cheese fries. Your standard goop that tastes oh so good when you have the munchies.

Till next time folks. Same hot dog time. Same hot dog channel.

2 rah rah rahs:

Dennis K. said...

Dude, that chili dog looks so freak'n good!! Darn, wish I got to travel more..

imjustatree said...

lol dennis, i think the picture i took looks pretty nasty =p

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