April 17, 2009

Scottie's BBQ

Planned another food outing w/ some old college buddies and chose to check out Scottie's Smokehouse BBQ in Orange.

After another long day at school, I headed first to Yard House in Brea w/ some classmates and waited for my UCSD buds to arrive. After a few drinks, we headed over to Scotties. We were still waiting for one more person, so we decided to head into the bar next door for some more drinks. It's Tuesday night, and it was time to party with a post midterm celebration.

Lynchberg Lemonade w/ complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were a bit salty, but still good. I liked the salsa too...a little chunky and on the mild side. If you live in the area, I recommend coming here for drinks. I don't know if we hit happy hour, as it was around 6:40 when we entered, but all draft beers were $3 and my drink $4. That is cheap...

Picture taken from the young up and coming Jonathan M*****'s blog.

Pancho's (Bar is separate from the restaurant on the right side)
135 E Collins Ave
Orange, CA 92867

We didn't wait long for the last Triton to arrive, and we were off next to to Scottie's. They serve St. Louis style ribs and smoke them over hickory and mesquite. I really don't know much about bbq, so that's all I can say about that. Apparently, they had gotten some publicity from the L.A. Times, and upon checking their twitter a few days ago, I saw that they had run out of meat once...at 7:30. Wanting to avoid another Kogi experience, I called in two hours before to place our order. They told me to come in whenever and would make our order then, so it wouldn't get cold/soggy.

Our feast (Again picture courtesy of Jomo) Can you guess who I am? =) I got to take a little of this and that from friends' plates and especially liked the collard greens.

Pulled Pork Sandwich topped w/ their BBQ sauce and cole slaw served on a wheat kaiser roll w/ a side of pickle. The pork was very moist and not dry at all. The bbq sauce was a little too sweet for my liking, but a couple shakes of hot sauce on this perked it up. The crisp pickle was money.

An inside look.

I got the combo, which also came w/ a drink and choice of a side. I got the Brunswick Stew that also came w/ a side of Cornbread. When I asked what it was, he said that they pretty much put a bunch of stuff in there...corn, okra, tomatoes, chicken, sausage. It was a pretty good tomato based stew and very hearty. +1 star for it coming out very hot. I gave away most of the corn bread and nibbled on a small piece. I've never heard of Brunswick stew before that day, but doing some research, it seems to have originated in the Southeast.

Peach Cobbler. With an ice cream scooper, he stuffed three dollops into a Styrofoam cup and topped it with whipped cream. The guy waited to give to this us when we finished our meal so it'd be warm. This was pretty darn good and hit the spot. It almost had the consitency of bread pudding and reminded me of the peach cobbler I ate when I went camping as a kid. There was some left over, and I got to enjoy the leftovers today. Still good.

Maybe you're thinking, what's wrong with this kid? Why didn't he get the ribs or combo? That was my original plan, but I was already full from happy hour. I felt like I didn't even eat that much, but I couldn't wait until dinner, and having not had lunch, my stomach shrunk a bit. Next time though.

Service was great. The guy was very friendly and let us stay and eat for a while even though they were closed. He also gave us an extra side of Mac N Cheese. +1 star.

(last picture jacked from Jomo's blugger)
Scottie's Smokehouse BBQ
129 E. Collins Ave
Orange, CA 92867


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gk12786 said...

when did you eat peach cobbler as a kid?
I want to try the greens

Sawyer said...

lol u kid...u just never got any. it would sometimes be made when we went camping for boy scouts in a dutch oven.

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