April 8, 2009

ninja sighting

Short non food post today before I start on some chemistry. I was sitting in lab today when my group started talking about how they had gotten this voicemail from the Cal Poly Emergency Alert system. Here is what it said:

"This is a Safety Alert from Cal Poly Pomona. University Police are looking for a suspicious person seen near the Engineering Lab, who is wearing all black and reportedly carrying a samurai sword. There are no reports of threats."

In a couple hours, an update was sent out:

"University Police concluded their investigation of a suspicious person wearing all black seen with a sword. Police confirmed that individual was NOT carrying a sword and is not a threat to the campus. Classes are still in session and business continues as usual. No further action is required at this time."

I have no idea how they even came to that conclusion or if they even caught the guy. It was pretty funny though to hear someone saying "carrying a samurai sword" on my voicemail, but at the same time, you never really know these days with all the crazy shootings that have been going on recently.

Back to work.

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