April 18, 2009

BJ's in Brea

Just took my final today and am done w/ my Saturday classes. Yoyoyoyoyoyoyos! On with the show.

A once cherished watering hole of mine, but no more that I only went for happy hour, but since it had been a while, I decided to make another visit w/ some friends.

Happy Hour (which you can kind of see in the background of the picture below) consists of $1 off all drinks/draft beers, $2 bucks off all appetizers, and half off all personal sized pizzas. If none of the beers that BJ's brews interests you, don't be afraid to ask what else they have for the season. They also have a small selection of bottled Belgian Beers, including Chimay and Gulden Draak. They've also added some new beers to their rotation, since I last visited, including one or two Rogue Ales, if my memory serves me right, along with their regular starters of Guinness and Lindeman's Framboise. They also brew their own Berry Cider (which I thought tasted horrible...like a diet berry Sprite) and Root Beer.

Pasta Fagioli soup. This was mediocre at best, as it tasted like it was straight from the can. Not that I have anything against canned soup, but if I'm going to be paying 5 bucks for a small cup of soup, it should be at least a little better than what I can get myself at the market. Pasta was cooked too long, but I suppose that's what I get for ordering this around 10 pm. I didn't expect too much, but I hadn't had dinner yet and wanted some soup. This area needs a damn pho place that stays open until 11 or 12...

Brewhouse Nachos. I used to LOVE getting this. I guess I just got sick of it from getting it too many times and always felt disgusted with myself the next morning with it still on my breath. But for old time's sake, I ordered them once more. It has lots of cheese, along with diced tomatoes, green onions and olives over tortilla chips that float on a small bed of their signature Piranha Pale Ale Chili. You can also ask for some jalapenos and fire roasted salsa, which I got on the side. A pretty good amount for 4 people to share. Overall nice to munch on while drinking, but I'm just jaded about these now.

To get the specials, you have to be sitting in the bar area, which can sometimes get packed, especially Thursday nights. I've never really had any complaints about the service, and once upon striking up a conversation with the bartender, we were given some free chips and salsa. Woohoo! Happy Hour runs from 4-7 Mon-Fri and 10-closing Mon-Thurs (maybe Sunday too, but don't quote me on this one).

600 Brea Mall Drive
Brea, CA 92821

2 rah rah rahs:

Charlie Fu said...

I dunno why by BJ's and Yardhouse have great nachos during happy hour. All that nice melted cheese and colorful nacho chips *hum*!

Sawyer said...

haha yea...their nachos are pretty good. i just had the yardhouse nachos too last week, and their pinto beans were for some reason a lot better than before. delicious

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