April 22, 2009

Everyone needs a little KFC

Korean Fried Chicken that is. I remember a while back first hearing of this in a New York Times article. What's the scoop? It's the way it's prepared: deep fried once, break, and fried again, resulting in a thin crispy skin, compared to its American counterpart.

W/ the big H-Mart opening a while back, it'd only be right for Diamond Bar to have its own KFC joint to boast about. Their menu is simple...mostly just their fried chicken w/ your choice of original, spicy, or teriyaki. I opted for the 6 piece spicy.

A little over 8 bucks for 6 drumsticks. I thought those little specks were minced garlic at first, but they actually were just crushed peanuts. Verdict? There was a good amount of meat/drumstick, and it was prepared fine to get that nice thin layer of skin. But Kyochon definitely has a better recipe and way more heat for their spicy flavor, as Chicken Day's version was a lot sweeter. It was good, but when you advertise spicy, you gotta deliver on that promise.

I think the price is a little high for some fried chicken, but I suppose that's only because I'm comparing it to K(entucky)FC, which I think is pretty damn good too.

What Kyochon did not have when I went there because they ran out around 7 PM. Yea, I'm still not over that haha. Moo! (cubed pickled white radish) This is a staple when eating Korean chicken, and here they give you a small container for free. Cool vinegary radish to combat the heat although in this case, it wasn't needed. It could have sat out for a few more days to ripen, but still, at least I got some.

Service was slow. I know these take a while to make, sincethey are cooked to order, but the sign said 15 minutes when it actually took 30, and the restaurant only had a few people in it at the time. -1 star for the girl not knowing how to run a credit card machine and for me finding out later on my bill that she had swiped it three times. Mistakes happen though...I was just annoyed that I had to waste my time going through the hassle of calling my credit card company.

2 rah rah rahs:

shavedicesundays said...

Ooooo looks good, but yeah at 8 bucks that's a bit pricey.

Barefoot Plumies said...

I just don't understand why K(orean)FC is so expensive. Yum, I love KFC.

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