November 13, 2008

how now cow. and how!

As I left my last class, I sang, "Halle halle halle loo ooo yaa!" God, I love Thursdays!

You know how I do it after class. Beer. I was thinking about Porter's Pub or Round Tables at UCSD and wished that they had something like that at SAC, where you could come in and have a nice pint and relax.

What I've been drinking this month. Ever have a beer and have certain thoughts about it, only drink it a couple months or a year later, and find your opinion on it changed, for better or worse? Yup. I found it a lot different, than what I thought it tasted like, probably because it had been well over a year or more since I last had it, but still found it enjoyable. I read that the same company makes Corona.

I ate at Pho Express today across the street from Mt. Sac. A previous post with no pictures can be found here .

Same ol same but this time with an order of cha gio (5) for 5.25.

They were pretty big. I thought they were a bit overcooked because the insides were almost mushy. Taste wise was good. It'd have been nice if there would have been some mint, but that's just a personal preference. The cucumbers were a nice touch though.

Same ol veggies....nothing special to see here.

Regular sized Pho tai gau, rare steak and well done brisket for $4.75.
For a regular size, I thought the bowl was a bit smaller than other places. A good amount of meat however, more steak than brisket. The soup had a very strong beef flavor to it, which would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't been so salty. I also wanted to get a sandwich to go, but after my last experience, I decided against it, although I am willing to give the place another try. Actually what I've been craving lately is The Hat....I want a pastrami sandwich or fries.

Pho Express
20747 Amar Road Suite 8D
Walnut, CA 91789
Not sure about the hours, but I think they close at 9:00 PM

And lastly...

Lemonhead AND Friends. Chewy. Something I haven't seen before, until a couple weeks back, when this treat showed up in a goody bag. The only friend not shown is Orangehead, and I have never seen an Orangehead by itself either. They were a bit like jelly beans, but I preferred the hard version of these candies. Overall, I enjoyed it since it gave a variety of flavors in one box. For the poor college student and sugar junkie, Lemonheads or any other variety is a good buy because they are only a quarter, and you get a good amount of them.

Four more weeks of school...

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Mike said...

Ahh, Porter's Pub! I passed many an enjoyable evening there back in the day...

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