November 26, 2008

A feast to remember

I don't know if it was the oysters, drinking, or just being tired, but I started throwing up all day long after I wrote that last post. I think it was just a combination of all three, or I could have had a bad oyster or two from Taps. I don't know. I'm not done with oysters, but it will be a while before I have any again.

Last weekend, I went to Madang Gol in the Chuck E Cheese plaza on Hellman and Foothill after a long day's work with some coworkers. We were all pretty hungry and got the bossam (steamed pork and kimchi wrapped in some kind of cabbage...napa in our case) and the gamjatang. They were both around $20-25 each. Sorry, these pictures aren't the best quality, and as you can tell, I took them with my phone.

Banchan was not the best, but good. About 8 of them plus the jun, which I enjoyed, came out. I don't remember it all/didn't take pictures, but here's a list of what I can remember: kimchi, cucumber kimchi, fish cake, bean sprouts, seaweed. There was also iced tea served and it was enjoyable, and almost sweet.

This was really good. There were a couple of oysters in this as well. You also get some sehoojut(pickled fermented shrimp), and the raw garlic slices are pretty good in it too. We ran out of the cabbage halfway through, but the lady gave us more for free.

Gamjatang. We didn't finish this among the three of us, but we got through a good amount. I've only had this one other time, and it was at Chingooneh's in San Diego. A side story: I once called Chingooneh's for a pickup order, and got the number from some Korean yellow pages online. It turned out to be the owner's cell phone(why it was on there, I have no idea), and when she picked up, she was a bit confused and weirded out as to how I got her number. Needless to say, it was a bit embarassing when I went to pick up my food.

Anyhow it was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. One complaint was that there wasn't enough potatoes. They put about 2.5 potatoes in it, and instead of it being in pieces, it was literally two whole potatoes and a half thrown in. There was a good amount of meat though. The perilla leaves on top were the first to go. I wish there were more when I ate it, but still the stew was good with rice.

The restaurant is pretty small, and I'm guessing it fits about 20 people max. Service was friendly, but the food takes a while to come out. It's better to order ahead so they can have it ready when you come in. I have not tried the bbq here, but I have tried the jengban noodles, which were pretty good, and the chicken teriyaki, which was decent.

We left with our bellies full and walked over to Frozenii Yogurt for dessert. They are new in the area, and it's self serve place. I really liked their strawberry flavor. They are currently doing a promotion of buy one, get one free. I'm not sure how much per ounce...I think it was around 28-38 cents.

Madang Gol Korean BBQ Restaurant
9339 Foothill Blvd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 980-2002

Happy early Turkey Day!

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CAB said...

Ooo, bad oysters and booze, not a good combo. But Korean food can make you feel right as rain!

Gamjatang looks so good especially when there's a bit of chill in the air.

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