October 4, 2009


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I was able to go down to San Diego for a few days in August before school started. A friend who works at Roy's invited me to try the place out, so, getting the rare chance to eat at a nice place/being a poor student, I wholeheartedly agreed. Throughout the meal, I learned a lot about how the restaurant works and how things are prepared. But as I sit to write down this post, I realize how much I've forgotten since then =/ Sorry all, but I have limited space in my head and had to make some room for school. So onto the food.

Started off with some edamame seasoned with some Japanese spice.

Soon after the rolls appeared along with a bottle of white wine (whose name I forget). Lakanilau Roll(left): Seared Kobe Beef wrapped around Snow Crab, Tempura Asparagus. I've never had Kobe beef before. The beef was a little bit rubbery, having been sitting so long and waiting to be eaten while my friend and I caught up with each other. The crab tasted different to me as I'm not quite sure if I've ever had real crab before in a roll...only krab =) I like crab and I liked the roll, but it just tasted a little weird. I still kept eating it though. Avocado Sunrise at Haleakala (right): Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon, Avocado & Asparagus Tempura Roll with Dynamite Butter. The tempura and butter sauce made this very rich. The mix of fish reminded me of this box type roll I had once at Sammy's Sushi in SD. And in the back was some other roll that I can't remember, either a shrimp tempura or a spicy tuna roll.

I can't remember what roll this was either. Maybe an eel roll topped with some roe? The sushi was pretty good and fresh as far as I could tell, and I thought that it could have done without the sauce.

We also ordered another appetizer: Tarragon Pesto Grilled Japanese Eggplant Staircase Molten Brie, Fried Capers & Balsamic Onions. I love eggplant, and this was a nice new spin on the vegetable I once hated as a kid.

Having stuffed ourselves on the appetizers, we shared a trio: Roy's Original Blackened Island Ahi, Hibachi Grilled Salmon, and Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish.

My favorite out of the three was definitely the butterfish. I've had it before, but only at a sushi joint and never cooked. It was very fluffy and soft, and the sauce was light and sweet. The salmon was good, but to be honest, I've never really had salmon at a place that blew my mind. I feel I can make the same at home and would be just as happy squirting some siracha on it. The Ahi came in some kind of mustard sauce.

Gotta have that rice!

And we still had dessert: Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate SoufflĂ© Flourless Chocolate Cake with a Hot, Molten Center; served with Raspberry Coulis and Vanilla Ice Cream. Rich hot chocolate inside the cake, which made this so good. I could definitely go for some right now...

I eat well everytime I come down to SD, and this meal was no exception. The food was great, the presentation beautiful, and the service prompt and timely although I admit my view is biased since my friend works there. But regardless, a mahalo to Mr. Magoo for dinner and the wonderful experience! Ono brah! (haha had to put that in there =p )

8670 Genesee Ave
San Diego, CA 92122

Next time on mother may i?: A lunch with some fellow food bloggers in SD, who have already posted about it, making my job a lot easier... =D

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Dennis K. said...

Hi Sawyer, everything you posted looked great! I wouldn't have remembered half of that. I dined here once but luckily it wasn't on my dime. ;) I noticed the place now serves lunch on Fridays and I've been wanting to try - maybe for one of those just for the heck of it posts.. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sawyer! We used to go to Roy's quite often and have tried several other Roy's in other cities. The menu is pretty standard in all of them with a slight variation from location to location. I certainly would never turn down a lunch or dinner at Roy's.

They used to serve Li Hing Mui Margaritas at the one in Coste Verde but no more, bummer. I used to love to go for happy hour, Li Hing Mui margarita, some rolls, and the Szechuan Spiced Baby Back Pork Ribs or get the Canoe Appetizer! I think that last roll is the lobster CA roll.

kirbie said...

I've never tried Roy's butterfish but I've heard great things about it. I love their chocolate souffle. Roy's always makes it so perfectly.

Sawyer said...

dennis - well, i took the names/descriptions from their site. no way i'd ever remember a name like the Lakanilau Roll haha...

cab-i just looked up what li hing mui is and man does that sound good right now.

kirbie - yes their souffle is delicious. i wonder though why it has to be flourless? something to ask my friend next time...

Kelvin said...

Wow that's a lot of appetizers with so much stuff in them. The one with kobe wrapped snow crab sounds over the top. Only way to make it more extravagent is to top it off with truffles... Roy's has some quality fish...so much that I think they steal the best ones from the market before we get them.

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