August 10, 2009

Sunday BBQ

Summer means time to bring out the grill. So we had a family gathering at our house this past weekend to celebrate early my mom and cousin's birthdays. Top Sirloin was on sale at Stater Bros, so we bought a couple pounds. Some of the meat was cut up into steaks...

which I marinated in some red wine, olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped parsley, and garlic powder. I should have marinated it a bit earlier. It didn't come out that great, but at least I learned what didn't work. Anyone have a good marinade they'd like to share?

The remaining meat was cut into long strips and laid to rest in a sort of bulgogi marinade. These would be put onto skewers, which was the magic word of the day.

Bell peppers and onions on one side, and you got your jjo ggoo mi (sp?), a sort of baby octopus.

Squash and eggplant.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Meat grillin on the charcoal.

We also grilled some shrimp, garlic and ginko nuts.

And what's a bbq without ice cold drinks?

Didn't get a chance to take a picture of my cousin's salad and potato salad. Sorry.

My aunt bought a cake from 85C/85 Degrees in Irvine. She said it's quite a popular Taiwanese joint. I'll have to check it out sometime when I'm in the area.

An inside look: A light fluffy vanilla cake with two types of cream: strawberry and not sure what the yellow stuff was. It tasted a bit frozen/custardy. A pretty good cake.

2700 Alton Pkwy Ste 123

Irvine, CA 92606

I hope to make more use of the grill these next two weeks before school starts. An early Happy Birthday to my cousin and mom!

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Dennis K. said...

Ah man those baby octopus look fantastic!! Did you have to get them at a specialty grocer?

dcfoodie said...

I wish I coudda been there

Sawyer said...

hey dennis. got them at the korean market here.

dcfoodie: we missed u too!

Annie said...

u missed out dc was da bomb!

Sawyer said...


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