August 22, 2009

Some revisits

Sorry, all these pictures were taken w/ my phone.

I revisited Taco Nazo in Walnut a few months back and decided to try something else besides their fish tacos.

I ordered the mix seafood cocteles, which comes with octopus and shrimp. The squid was not fresh at all, and borderline disgusting. The "soup" was a little too sweet/ketchupy for my liking. I would have liked it with more lime.

Condiments of a blended pico de gallo, radishes, hot carrots, and a lone jalapeno. They only offer two or three salsas, and I usually just stick to the pico and the bottled Tapatio.

Carne Asasa Sope covered with lettuce, pico, and cheese. I really liked the masa . Dense and not too oily. The carne was decent...nothing too impressive, but remember this is a place more known for it's fish tacos than anything else. I was also given a grilled yellow pepper that was pretty damn hot...

Taco Nazo
1267 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

I also made another visit to Dante's Italian Deli for their happy hour.

Caprese Sandwich. Tomatoes, fresh basil, water mozzarella, onion, oil, balsamic vinegar. This costs more than the Italian at $6.55 for a small compared to $5.75. They were still doing the happy hour 1/2 deals although the sign for it is now gone. The bread was good like last time. Fresh and a little spongy. I've never had a Caprese sandwich before, but I found the cheese to be quite bland, and the balsamic vinegar overpowered everything.

Don't forget to ask for some cherry peppers on the side. I love these things.

I still have yet to try out their pizza and pasta.

958 N Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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