August 23, 2009

Another revisit...

Happy Sunday everyone.

Made another visit to Ong Ga Nae with the family. (On a side note, I hate it when people use the word "fambam" instead of family. I find the word stupid and find myself suppressing the urge to punch something.) One of the better BBQ joints in the DB/Rowland Heights area in my opinion. But this time, we didn't go for the BBQ.

Iced barley tea was served first.

Along with some tofu w/ some oil/soy sauce and seaweed sprinkled on top, given free as "service."

You have the choice of white rice or jahp gok bap, meaning assorted grains/beans rice.

You get about 10 dishes here, and they were pretty much the same as last time. They're pretty consistent w/ the banchan here, and it's all nice to eat while waiting for the food to come out. The particular standouts that you don't see often at other places are squid that comes doused w/ gochoojang (red pepper paste) and geh jang, raw marinated spicy crab.

Other two banchan missing from the picture. Kimchi and mook aka arrowroot jelly.

My dad ordered the dolsot bibimbap (Mixed rice w/ vegetables and beef, all cooked in a stone pot). The picture is a bit blurry because of the steam.

And here it is on a plate. Carrots, eggs, seaweed, spinach, arrowroot jelly, beef, and some other veggies whose names I can't recall. I thought it was good, especially the beef, but my dad didn't like it. First place I've seen that puts mook in bibimbap.

Also ordered the nakji bokum, which is spicy stir fried octopus. It came in a big pan with some noodles, mixed in front of us, then ladled out to each person, so I wasn't able to take a picture of it whole, but here is my portion. It also had some squash and onions. I've never really liked this dish too much. It was good, but not something I'd really crave.

I ordered the kimchi jjigae, which is kimchi stew. I've been having this craving lately for kimchi jjigae and can't get enough of it. It came out bubbling hot in a stone pot as well. It also had some green onions and pieces of pork belly. It was spicy, but not overly so. The kimchi tasted okay...I thought the broth was spicier than the kimchi itself.

Overall, I didn't enjoy this visit too much, and I thought everything was just okayIt might have been because I was more thirsty than hungry when I came here. I had the opportunity a few months back to go to their sister branch Ong Go Jeep, also in Rowland Heights, and found the food to be better there, but unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures that night.

Service was good, and we didn't have any problems.

19745 E Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

3 rah rah rahs:

Anonymous said...

Note to self, don't use lol or fambam in front of Sawyer or risk being punched in the face. Or would that be a facebam? lol, oops, sorry. (Don't hit me)

Sawyer said...

i don't mean to offend, just one of my pet peeves, altho the word fambam goes up a lot higher on my hate list than "lol"

so you better watch out cab =p

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't help it but I did lol on that one! No offense taken in anyway. In all honesty, I've never even heard of fambam before and had to look it up.

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