January 10, 2009

Still got that itch...

My god...first week of school is done, and my body is just not feeling it haha.

Vegas contd: The next day, I woke up and hit the tables once more. Gambling is such an emotional rollercoaster...my stomach def. suffered from the stress, but in the end, I came up a hundred after about an hour playing blackjack.

So, what was first?

Breakfast of Champions. Two daiquiris (strawberry and moonshine) with an extra shot in each from Tacone Wraps. I thought the moonshine tasted like crap. The strawberry on the other hand was delicious. My cousin said it tasted like a Flintstones Push Pop. You gotta love the fact that you can walk around outside while drinking. Viva Vegas!

We went to the Coke store, and we got a sampler of 16 drinks around the world for 7 bucks.

You get a good amount, enough to share among four people. You can click the picture if you want to see the full size. These were the non carbonated drinks. I personally liked the Delaware Punch(like a dark fruit punch) and the Pine Nut, which didn't really taste like pine nut, and had more of a limey taste.

Out of these, there really wasn't anything that I liked in particular. Honestly, I'm a Coke kind of guy. The watermelon really tasted like candy watermelon, but felt weird to drink as a soda. The mezzo(the clear one on the left) tasted disgusting and bitter. Yeah, I'm brief with the descriptions, but I've got a sketchy memory, and I don't take notes of what I eat or drink (yet haha).

Next door is the m&ms store. I thought this was kinda interesting. The first mascots. You've come a long way my friends.

This scared me.

Lastly, we hit up the Bellagio buffet before we left. We waited for almost an hour and paid $30 bucks (before tax and tip) for brunch. I've had Bellagio before for dinner a few years back and honestly it's just all right to me. I think it's too hyped up and not worth the wait or price. We went here simply because it was closest to where we were, since we were a bit short on time. I ended up leaving disappointed in the buffet and myself (you'll see why as you read along). While we were moseying along the buffet, I noticed a rather obese woman strewn across the floor with a manager or two around her. Evidently she had fallen off her wheelchair, and it took them a while to get her back up. All I could think about was how she was gonna try to sue...Meanwhile, life went on, as people went about their business picking at this and that at the buffet's offerings.

Pasta fagioli soup.

Shrimp, some fish(salmon and something else I forget, but this was pretty good), some seaweed salad and fried rice. I like to get a little of each thing at first to see what I like, so I can get more later.

Corn chowder. At first, I thought this was bland, but it had a sweet aftertaste to it, and I changed my mind about it and liked it.

Chilled crab legs. This was very salty and wasn't that great. I like my legs hot. Some kind of spring roll, which was pretty good, a lot of cabbage in it. Spicy tuna hand roll, which was decent for a buffet.

Cucumber salad, a vegetable roll, and a California roll. Meh.

You may be asking, why the hell are you getting Asian stuff at the buffet? As I said, I was working through each station...prime rib was next. They had an omlette station as well.

But unfortunately, this is where I stopped. I lost my appetite halfway through it all and just didn't want to eat anymore. Yeah, I didn't get my money's worth and left quite sad.
All in all though, a fun time with family...

Next time, places to go to: MGM blackjack tables (I've always been treated well there), Lotus of Siam, Mesa(Bobby Flay's restaurant) and Green Valley Buffet.

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jomo said...

damn i wanna try that coke sampler out

and you gotta check out the mirage mimosa/champagne brunch sometime too. the selection is ok, but the unlimited mimosas are nice.

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