January 20, 2009

Sakura and Mitsuwa are going bye bye

Yup in Little Tokyo. Heard H-Mart is coming to town. They're going to be closing on the 25th, so they have a 50% off sale on everything (which started yesterday). Stopped by with gramps to get some tuna for granny. Afterwards, we ate lunch at Sakura (Snack? that's what it says on Yelp, but all I saw was "Sakura" in neon lighting cursive letters), which is in the Mitsuwa Market, near the front right side where the cashiers are. Seemed like a place of cheap Japanese eats, whose menu mostly consisted of some teriyaki bowls, udon, and ramen.

Large shrimp tempura udon for $6. I didn't hear any complaints from gramps, so I can only assume he liked it.

Miso Ramen for $4.95. The broth came out hot and was mediocre. Nothing good or bad about it. It just was. Lots of green onions and sprouts. But as for the chasu, two thin pieces, as you might be able to see in the picture. It was really sad. The noodles, however, were thin, chewy, and a joy to eat. Overall, I'd have to say this bowl was pretty decent. For their udon and ramen, you can get a bowl of pork fried rice, curry, or some other thing for a buck more. They have a bunch of condiments near the pickup area, but no garlic to be seen unfortunately...

Also got an assorted platter of sushi from the market. Two diff roes, tuna, squid, shrimp, crab, tuna roll, and abalone, I think. I saw some sign above the sushi area, where the LA times said good sushi. The tuna was okay, but the squid wasn't. The rice wasn't that great either. I didn't really eat much of this nor did I want to.

Mitsuwa and Sakura
333 S Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

It seems odd to put these pictures here together with the sushi, but I made some blueberry muffins today, using a recipe from Simply Recipes, and I want to include this in the post. They turned out okay, but there was a lot of batter, and since I only made 12, the muffins came out huge. I could have cooked them a bit longer than the recipe called for because of its size, but it passed the toothpick test. They tasted good, and not too sweet, but I'm going to try out another recipe next time. This had too much butter in it, although I did like the usage of yogurt. Thinking about it now, I could have subbed it for a decreased amount of vegetable oil to see how it would have turned out...

Blueberries are delicious.

I realize the muffin looks a little messed up, but it's because the heads all merged together while baking because of their huge size. No way around it. I only got one muffin tin.

Inside view of the muffin.

Well, my four day weekend is now over. Back to reality. Damn.

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dcfoodie said...

WOW! I insist you bake me some muffins!

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