January 25, 2009

Beer Station

Mornin. Happy lazy Sunday to ya all.

Beer Station inside "Life Plaza"/Diamond Plaza in Rowland Heights. A chill place to drink and relax without having to feel like you're going to be accosted by some punk kids or bothered by indoor cigarette smoke typical of many asian drinking joints. I feel safe drinking here. A Taiwanese old time "pub" type place. I wish I took pictures of the inside decor of this place. Wooden benches and tables. An old bicycle decorated with holiday lights. A poster of Mao.

The name of the place is a bit misleading because they really don't have that big of a selection on beers. Sapporo, Kirin(sometimes), Widmer's Hef, Amber Bock, and Bud Light on tap. They've also got Taiwan Beer bottled. The last time I came here, I noticed they upped their drinking selection to soju (it didn't say what brand) and strangely enough an appletini and other drinks of that nature.

Drink menu. I took a picture because I found it funny that they only had Snapple Pink Lemonade and none of the other flavors, like Fruit Punch or Kiwi Strawberry. Do they sell boxes of just Pink Lemonade? $2.75 my god that is steep...

Complimentary "kimchi" because I don't know what else to call it. Sweet and vinegary cabbage with a sprinkle of spiciness and garlic. It's nice to munch on while drinking. If you go here and don't get any, make sure to ask for some, but be warned: the servers don't always speak the best English. Example: I once asked for it and 15 minutes later, they came out with some stir fried cabbage dish.

Small hot sake. $3.50. About 4 shots. Sometimes it doesn't come out that hot and you can ask them to microwave it for you again. haha.

Large hot sake. Around 8 shots. $6.00. I think it used to be $5.50. The small one isn't worth getting.

Cheap sake I know. But it's cheap for a reason mang. Sake bombs!

Taiwan Beer. For the longest time, I kept thinking this was Tsingtao. It's a pretty light beer with a flavor of honey and apples.

They've got a grilled menu, (skewers), as well as some other items. I haven't tried a lot of their menu. Their fried rice is okay, but nothing too special. I do recommend their three ingredient chicken. It's cooked in a clay pot with lots of garlic and has a lot of basil flavor to it. Also recommended is their beef with satay sauce. And if you're adventerous and want to go balls out, try the chicken testicles. And that's no joke kid.

Chicken skin glazed with some kind of teriyaki sauce. Crispy on the outside with a bit of chew. This was meh to me.

Grilled beef. Seasoned with cumin. Two good sized pieces for $4.

Grilled mushrooms again in that kind of sickly sweet teriyaki sauce. Not bad, but it wasn't very warm when it came out.

Food here is consistent for the most part (their yakitori style stuff at least), and it's nice place to eat while you drink. Their menu is a couple pages long. Service is friendly, and despite a small language barrier, I've never had any real complaints that I can remember. It's a nice and relaxing place to drink, and if they're closing and you still want to party, you can walk next door to the 9 P.M lounge...

(Inside Diamond Plaza, near the entrance towards your left)
1390 Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Stay tuned for my next post, where this blogger ends his night in tears. =*(

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France said...

Oh cool! I always wondered what was at Beer Station but never got around to actually checking it out.

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