December 3, 2008


Random thought of the day:

As I sat in class yesterday, my thoughts wandered to Brian Jacques and his Redwall series, and came to the realization that this man really liked food. In all his books, there was always some kind of feast with vivid descriptions.

I don't want to put up many Thanksgiving pictures, just because I think it would be redundant to do so, so here are just a couple shots:

A tale of two ciders. Martinelli's wins, hands down, not only in its sweet apple taste, but the bubbliness of the drink as well. They didn't get that gold medal for nothing. I used some cider for the stuffing, capped the bottle, and put it in the refrigerator. I don't know how, but it exploded somehow, and cider was everywhere...

Zucchini muffins. Recipe taken from the More from Magnolia baking book. I was sad about how they turned out. While they tasted all right, I thought they were just about the ugliest muffins I had ever seen or made. Also, I thought the oil ratio was too high, and am going to have to adjust that next time.

Brussels sprouts with pancetta. I never had pancetta before until last weekend. I didn't even know it was cured bacon. When I ate some and discovered it wasn't "cooked," I freaked out because I thought I was gonna start throwing up again. I know it's been cured, but still, I didn't know if I could trust the company (Boar's Head). But all was well. I thought the sprouts came out okay, and that the colors of the sprouts and pancetta matched nicely.

A good Thanksgiving, but it felt slightly empty because my grandparents and some of my cousins weren't there.

The next day, my family and I headed over for some dim sum at Seafood Village, my treat =)

We got there a bit early, beating the lunch rush, and were seated immediately.

A menu for your viewing pleasure: Sorry it's a bit cut off on the right side, and I didn't get the best shot of it. I didn't take pictures of all that we ate, but here's a couple things. This place doesn't have the carts going around, and instead, you order ahead. I like the carts better. It makes eating more fun.

Shrimp balls. I never had these before, and while the taste was okay, I didn't really like it.

Lotus seed bun I believe.(*correction, thanks to annie. it's shu mai. i realize this doesn't look like a bun, but when it came out, they marked it as bun. now that i think about it, we never got what we ordered, and got something else instead. my guess is the seafood in bean curd thingy on the menu...) It looks like a chicken's head...I liked it though.

Egg Rolls. I thought they were a bit overcooked.

(*correction, thanks to dcfoodie) These are hargow and were good. But we were not given soy sauce. I asked for it, but never got it...

Scallop and lucky nut porridge. What is lucky nut? I thought it was bland...I've had better in SF.

Vegetables in brine. It kinda tasted like the brined turkey, which we had the night before.

To the right of the restaurant, there is a place, where you can get most of this stuff to go. I picked up some sesame balls, my favorite thing to get at dim sum places...It's kinda like a chapsal dduk. These were delicious.

Service was very bad. And this wasn't about a communication problem either. The ladies who couldn't speak English were much more accomodating than the young men who could. At the same time, good service wasn't something that I expected to get, but I did leave a bit peeved. If you want to be treated well (or at least decently), come with a Chinese person, or someone that can speak Chinese. Maybe it was just these particular servers, or maybe they didn't like my face. Whatever the case, I was very unsatisfied with how we were treated.

Despite all this, I'd be willing to come here again. While it's not the best dim sum I've had, the food is above average. But I'd also like to explore the area for other dim sum eats as well. Only other place I've gone to is New Capitol Restaurant in Life Plaza. Reading some reviews online, it seems that they have a popular following for some of their seafood dishes, so I may be back to try some of these.

Seafood Village
1463 S. Nogales St.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

7 rah rah rahs:

dcfoodie said...

i heart redwall! The tv series was awesome too. as for dim sum, man, you are an amateur.

imjustatree said...

lol how come?

Christine said...

I think I've eaten at that dim sum place before too. It was sooo bomb!

Also, yeah, I agree with watching the movie first. That's why I probably liked it so much!

dcfoodie said...

the shrimp dumpling with the rice dough skin is call har gow

I miss have foodie adventures with you!

Unknown said...

and i think the chicken head is shumai :)

imjustatree said...

corrections have been made everyone hahaha

dcfoodie: i wish i took pictures of everything we time tho

Anonymous said...

your Turkey day sounds awesome. Wish i was there! Maybe next year with the hubby. Come visit us in SF and we'll take you out to real dim sum.

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