December 28, 2008

Convoy Tofu House

Ah Convoy...the place to get (most of) your Asian cravings. I headed over to Convoy Tofu House with a friend to get lunch before I left. This place is in the same plaza as Victor's and I made a mental note that I'd have to come here next time to check out Wal Mi Do (read mmm-yoso's review here). My regret that day was that we didn't stop by K's to get some sandwiches...

The Kimchi Soondubu (Spicy). There was a slight sour taste, which may have been from the use of kimchi juice in their soup. There were also big pieces of pork, which was a stark contrast from the puny pieces of beef or pork you get at other places. This was pretty good, and probably the best soondubu that I have had in while.

The banchan from top left and going clockwise: seaweed, soy bean sprouts, potatos simmered in some sweet soy sauce, kimchi, mook (acorn jelly), and fish cakes. The banchan was good, and I also liked how the waitress left us a pitcher of tea.

Teriyaki chicken. The chicken wasn't dry and had a pleasant chew. The sauce tasted a little burnt, but otherwise, this got a solid B in my book.

Service was friendly, and the total price for 2 tofu soups and the chicken ran about $33, which is pretty much the same as other places I've gone to.

4229 Convoy St
(between Armour St & Othello Ave)
San Diego, CA 92111


Some of the Delirium family. Belgian Ales. I haven't tried the Noel yet, but I have had Tremens on tap. Don't let the happy elephants and dancing crocodiles fool you. There's a reason it's called Delirium...

I drank the Noctorum (8.5%) last night. It was a lot darker and heavier than its sister Tremens. Very enjoyable with a fruity aftertaste.

And with that said, your weekly lazy Sunday update is complete. Have a good one folks.

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shavedicesundays said...

Wow you sure have been eating it up down there in SD. Live large!

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