December 17, 2008

San Diego Part III: More tacos and a visit to campus

Although we ate to the point of almost puking the night before, the taco feast was far from over. Cold weather and rain be damned...we were off to German's on University and 35th for lunch.

If you can tell by the pictures or the menu, the truck specializes only in seafood. No prices are listed and I'm not sure how much it was because a friend bought us lunch, but reading on Yelp, people seem to agree that it's cheap. It's a truck for goodness sake!

I ordered the shrimp cocteles, one marlin taco, and a mixed seafood taco.

While we were waiting, the lady gave us each a cup of free soup. FREE? SOUP? The lady had won my heart. The soup warmed us quite nicely in the chilly weather. It was a vegetable broth with some oregano and bay leaf, and I found pieces of cabbage(?) and celery in it, as well as a piece of small fish. Score!

Para mi bebida, I got an apple cider. I've read that Mexican sodas are better than American(i.e Mexican vs. American Coke) because they use real sugar instead of corn or fructose syrup. This was definitely toothsome, but poor teeth.

Medium camaron cocteles. I've been craving a good ceviche for quite some time now and finally can die happy. There was a good amount of shrimp in this one with bits of red onion and cilantro.

Marlin taco served with some cooked peppers and onions over gooey Mexican cheese. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. That taco is huge! This isn't one of those small tacos, where you can eat it in a couple of bites. This was my first time having marlin aka billfish. It honestly tasted like meat. Could it have been smoked? It may have been the seasoning, but I thought it was pretty damn tasty.

Mixed seafood (mariscada) taco. Everything from squid to scallops to fish was in this. Even found a small mussel. I liked it, but it was kinda hard to eat as a taco. It was better off on its own with some hot sauce.

A picture of the feast we had and the array of hot sauces available.

Habanero hot sauce. "Very Hot." I put a few drops of this on my taco to see what it was like, and this was no joke kid. While at first, it has an enjoyable burning taste that is well manageable, the hot sauce creeps up on you and sucker punches you in the mouth, leaving you to down your Jarritos or sangria. I felt like if I put this on my skin, it'd burn me.

Mission Como Buenos Tacos completed. I wanted to try some other tacos here, but I was stuffed and learned my lesson from the night before. I'd also like to try their 7 mares caldo the next time I come down. There is limited seating with a few tables, but people were friendly and didn't mind us sharing their table.

Marisco's German Taco Truck 3
3504 University Ave
(between 35th St & Wilson Ave)
San Diego, CA 92104
*The next part consists of a walk down memory lane, so the food stuff ends here people. Don't say I didn't warn ya...*

Afterwards, I visited the ol alma mater. I hadn't visited campus since I graduated last year. The new Price Center is huge! I had to walk around a bit to get my bearings. Wendy's is no more, and Fez is out of a job....

I picked up some of these at the small market they had inside. When it comes to gummy candies, you can't beat Haribo. Their gummys have a nice resistant chew that makes it fun for the whole family, and its intense flavors will make you keep poppin them in your mouth. I love their gummy bears, but have to limit myself eating them because they'll kill your teeth. Their techno bears are awesome too.

Good ol 705 Camp Snoopy on the outskirts of campus.

My short stint in production for catering. They were closed though.

Which tree isn't real?

Many hours (mostly naps) spent here.

Hello there!

Peterson Loop with some naive freshman waiting for rides, not knowing that Kyrie always lags. haha =)

I had to visit Eastbluff too. Our neighbors definitely hated us.

Man, I missed San Diego.

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Mike said...

I've been meaning to check out Mariscos German - I've heard good things about them.

dcfoodie said...

I'm always suspicious of free "soup" scraps. How's your stomach?

Barefoot Plumies said...

Wow, I haven't been back to UCSD since I graduated back in....ahem, it's been awhile.

Selba said...

Yay! you got haribo?!?!? I LOVE haribo!!! I didn't know that they have that kind of packaging...

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