November 8, 2009

gimme some soup

Sweet Jeebus. 1/3 way into November already and hot dog! 5 more weeks of school! Apologies to my few readers for the lack of updates. Along with working more hours because money makes the world go round, the start of the NBA season aka fantasy madness has put my productivity/motivation for the blog straight in the toliet. Go Clippers! That's right. I said it.

The semi cold weather (this is socal after all) has gotten me thinking about those summer nights. One particular night, leaving the Anthill's Pub drunk and hungry, I desperately wanted something else besides the usual fried and heavy bar food. My cousin suggested Gen Grill, a favorite past high school hangout of his that was right across campus. So off we went.

Sukiyaki Bowl around 7 or 8 bucks. I know this isn't really soup, but it sure hit the spot. Noodles, large blocks of tofu, thinly sliced beef, and some random bits of spinach(?) over a generous bed of rice drowning in a sweet, warm broth/sauce. I wished that they had given me a bit more than the sad thin layer of beef that meakly covered large amount of rice given. I always do appreciate extra rice, but not at the expense of the other goodies on my plate.

4143 Campus Dr
Suite C-196

Irvine, CA 92612

We wanted some dessert afterwards, so on the suggestion of Elmo Monster, we checked out Strickland's, which specializes in frozen custard. Having frozen custard is rare, and I can't really think of a place that offers it. The last (and possibly only) time I remember having it was about 2 years ago in Philly.

When we went, we were taken aback that they only four flavors were being offered: vanilla, chocolate, mocha, and ? I forget. We were sad as we were hoping for some more exciting and interesting offerings.

I also saw that they offered pineapple and strawberry (?!!) Dole Whip. I remember some of my friends who all had Disneyland Passes would go on some days just to get this treat at the stand near Adventure Land (I think...wherever the Jungle Cruise is located). I opted for the good ol pineapple.

A beautiful tower of the soft serve, which I had no problem devouring.

Read about Paestry's experience with the whip, in which she one ups me by getting the float at Dland.

On a partially related note, I finally found out what "ghost riding the whip" means. Hilarious.

4523 Campus Dr.
Irvine, CA 92612

Been craving some floats and ice cream lately, so time to look around the area for some good eats. Hope you had a good weekend!

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Dennis K. said...

Looks good Sawyer! Darn I feel like such a weirdo with a complete lack of a sweet tooth though..

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a lack of sweet tooth. I still have not tried frozen custard. I think I saw some in the frozen section at Lucky Seafood. Maybe I'll pick some up but I'm sure it's different than straight from the pump. (heehee, "drunk and hungry")

Christine said...

Thanks for the mention, Mr. MacConkey! Geez one day you're Sawyer and the next, you're Mr. MacConkey. Was that the day we went together for the sukiyaki and ice cream? Duh..I think it was.

I love floats too. They're so very good with soda. Have you tried sherbet floats, a.k.a. ice cream punch? You pour 7up or any lemon-lime soda over scoops of raspberry, orange or lime sherbet (not rainbow because the colors will mix and become ugly) in a large bowl. Don't mix. It's so wonderful and looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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