May 31, 2009

Joe's Sushi

Came here for lunch a few months back based on recommendations from several friends. Joe's is a chain that has the option of AYCE. Price is around $17, and it also gets you some entrees/appetizers (teriyaki, tempura, and the like...) I think this is a Korean owned joint.

I had my reservations before coming here, and I was right. I tried most of the nigiri options, and nothing was very fresh. The spicy scallops were probably the only thing that I liked. If you are a roll person, there are some varieties available, but nothing too fancy, and that might make it worth your money. But I don't think I'd come back here again.

The service was friendly. The bar wasn't too packed, and the sushi chef made us a nice little concoction of his own as seen above after curiously watching me take pictures and asking what I was doing.

I have heard the phrase, "It's pretty good for an AYCE" both from friends and Yelp users. I'm not exactly sure what that really means. Perhaps the price is a little cheaper(?), but the quality was no different from other places, beating only Todai, which doesn't really count. There was no second round for me here, and I felt like my money went straight down the drain. I suppose some people will call me a snob for not liking Joe's while the other half would call me a dumbass for even wasting my time and hard earned dollas on an AYCE sushi joint.

Honestly, I don't get what's the big deal about this place, and I left thinking it sounded too good to be true. Perhaps if I had been drinking, I would have enjoyed the food more.

460 N Beach Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631

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KirkK said...

Hi Sawyer - Just the name scares me! It could be worse, it could be named Mom's!

Christine said...

I think a lot of the Korean owned sushi joints are going to be disappointing. But damn, $17 all you can eat? No wonder! Let's look for a real bomb place with fresh fish. I like Taiko in Irvine.

Anonymous said...

Really? Joe's as the name of a Japanese restaurant! haha!

Despite that though, the sushi does look passable though and some of them look downright delicious.

I usually like only eating sushi vs rolls because rolls have way too much rice in them (you get full faster) haha. Just a AYCE tip.

CAB said...

I think all the AYCE sushi places I've been to have been about the same, meh. That roll (crunchy roll??) looks pretty good.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

Haha, I never even really thought about the name until you guys commented about it. But now that you mention it, it's pretty funny. Mom's sushi? lmao
Cliff I agree, I usually go for the nigiri at an AYCE, but I didn't like most of the stuff, so I opted for a roll. Some of the pictures do look good, but the taste was a whole different story.

the roll (i forget the name) was a cali roll with spicy tuna on top

SinoSoul said...

I've driven by this place a few times on the way to my 'rents. Scary. REALLY scary.

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