May 13, 2009

Guppy Tea House

I heard a while back that there was now a Guppy Tea House in Hacienda. Guppy is a chain that is well known for two things: their popcorn chicken, which is liberally sprinkled with crack cocaine, and the shaved ice. Picture below taken from a blog by the young, up and coming Jomo.

Holy sh!t. Look at that damn thing....

I met up with a friend to get some dinner about a month ago. I wanted to get the shaved ice, but the small is too big for two people. The pictures didn't turn out that great. We opted to sit outside because it was too loud inside the place, and I didn't know how to use my camera that well.

Started with some miso soup that came along with my meal. Pretty good/standard with some pieces of seaweed floating around.

Spicy Dumplings $8.50. I think these were filled with pork. They were not very spicy. I cannot remember if we were asked how spicy we wanted it, but I do remember that our waitress was cute. It was very vinegary and sweet and reminded me almost of a balsamic vinegar.

Superb Meatballs Meal $8.25
2 big ass meatballs in a cabbage broth soup along with glass noodles, tofu, and some cabbage. Sides of corn and "pickled cucumbers" and a big bowl of white rice.

It almost looks like there is a skin over the soup, but that's just the oil/flash. The meatballs were soft, but I thought they had been dredged a little too much in flour before hand. The broth was ok. This is a comfort food like meal.

We also got espresso milk teas, which were delicious, to end the meal.

Lots of food for two people to share. But next time, I'd like to skip the meal and go straight for the shaved ice. And maybe some chicken on the side.

Guppy Tea House
17188 Colima Rd
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

I'm checking out early for the week. Going to the Mojave Desert for the weekend.

For my next trick...

All you L.A. dwellers, do you know where this? holla holla holla holla! =)

6 rah rah rahs:

kirbie said...

Ooh. I've been wanting to try the Irvine location out. I stopped in and got some stuff to go once and the shaved ice looked humongous and delicious! Haven't had a chance to eat there yet though. Great review!

Barefoot Plumies said...

lol! You can't remember how spicy but do remember the cute waitress. Love it!

The food looks great. And that's a lot of shaved ice! Strawberries look delicious.

Clifton said...

wow! I've never seen a guppies ice that big! The one I went to in Cerritos and Irvine were not nearly as big as that one, what size is that?

Clifton said...

btw I always order the Guppy special

shavedicesundays said...

What's in the desert? Have fun though. I can't wait to try their shaved ice.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...

Large order from the Anaheim location.

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