February 5, 2009

Cho Dang

I went to this place a while back in a previous post and took some horrible pictures with my phone. I went there again, and here's my story about a place called Cho Dang Soon Dubu.

Standard salad that comes out before your meal...iceberg lettuce and romaine. Maybe some lost pieces of red cabbage or a carrot strand. Their dressing isn't bad. One of those Asian grated dressings. This was a bit towards the vinegary/tart side.

You also get a small yellow corvina with your meal.

The starting lineup from top left going clockwise: Kimchi, cucumber kimchi, soy bean sprouts, jap chae, spicy octopus guts for the lack of a better word at the moment, fish cakes. Decent banchan. I'd say the cucumber kimchi was the best. Jap Chae (yam noodles) are pretty plain and bland as they make em...

Yaki Chicken. I got it as a combo along with the tofu. I think the combo is around $16. The tofu you get is a bit smaller than the regular size, but honestly, the difference is negligible. The chicken came out sizzling hot and cooked well, not dry at all. The teriyaki sauce leaned towards the sweet side, and it tasted a bit burnt. Still, it was pretty good.

Kimchi Tofu Spicy. Came out bubbling and compared to my last visit, the soup tasted better. Lots of kimchi and an okay amount of stringy beef.

Service has always been consistent, but the place does get rather busy.

Don't forget to get some frozen yogurt for dessert on the way out!

ChoDang Soondubu
1155 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. Suite M
Diamond Bar

On an ending note I just came back from a wild adventure in L.A. and got Kogi. Post coming ???

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Selba said...

Yummy korean food!!! Seriously, I'm craving for korean food!

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