February 1, 2009


February already!

Chili's opened up in Diamond Bar a couple months back, and I've been meaning to check it out for their happy hour. Not that they have a great hh menu, but it's now the only place besides the (Oak Tree Sports Bar) in Diamond Bar that serves drinks late night that I know of at least. It's in the big Target Center on the corner of Grand and Golden Springs. You've probably seen it since it's right off the 57/60.

Amberbock and Hef (I forget which brewing company). A little under 5 bucks for the 22 oz. All drinks are a buck off. I got the Presidente Margarita, which came in a plastic shaker (which you could purchase for 2 bucks lol...) [ lol: another word I hate yet it's just become a disgusting habit of mine over the years through instant messaging] The margarita was too much mix, not enough drink.

Free chips and salsa. The guy gave us a lot of tortilla chips, which were thin, airy, and a bit salty. Salsa was blended, mild, and overall meh.

Bowl of Chili. With a name like Chili's, shouldn't they have a decent bowl of chili? The bowl was 5.99 and although the picture makes it look big, the serving was not. The bowl went in a couple cm at most. If this was the bowl, their cup size of chili must be served in a shot glass. It wasn't very hot either. The server warned me it was hot, but it was just the bowl that was hot, not the chili. Taste wise, it was okay with a lot of pieces of ground beef in it, but it wasn't very spicy and overall, not worth the price.

Chili's only has two items that are happy hour prices. Their queso dip, which is $3.50 and 50 cent buffalo wings. The wings weren't bad, for the price, but nothing really stood out. They didn't have much sauce on it, and the ratio of butter:hot sauce favored the butter a lot more. Like the chili, there was no kick to these wings. Also, the amount of meat on the wing varied from a little to a decent amount.

I've tried their sampler platter, in which you can choose 3 items of your choice. I selected the honey wings(I swear this tasted like a fish stick...wtf), southwestern egg rolls, and the chili wings. None of them were very good...just a bunch of disgusting deep fried crap covered in bland sauce. I've also gotten their steak and fajitas, but both of these failed as well because it was just too buttery/salty for me.

Service on this visit wasn't very good. Do I need to ask for napkins and utensils? Come on now kid. On a previous visit however, our waitress was very attentive, and we really didn't have to ask for anything. So I guess service evens out.

What I don't understand is why someone would want to open up a Chili's here when there's one just a few miles down on Grand in Chino Hills . Do people like this place that much?

707 Grand Ave
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

On an ending note, I'm going to check out Kogibbq again this week, and hopefully this trip will be a more fruitful one than the last. Holla!

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jomo said...

spice up any basket of tortilla chips with some fresh squeezed lime on top.

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