October 4, 2010

let them eat soup (and then some)

Here ye, hear yee. Let it be known that I love soup. But you can't be jabbering without the wock, so I decided to make some to feed me for the rest of the week. After perusing a few blogs, I decided to try making Portugese kale soup (caldo verde) after remembering an old episode on the food network where Emeril is a creeper and goes to some grandma's kitchen and watches her make soup. All the produce from Davis' farmer market.
As well as some chorizo from Bledsoe, that sells humanely raises, natural, no antibiotics added pork at the farmer's market at well, and man this chorizo was good. I was tempted to just eat it instead of throwing it in the soup.
I sauteed the sausage and onions first.
I then added the beans, potatoes, kale, a bay leaf and filled up the pot w/ chicken broth. Cooked it for about an hour.
My finished product. What I knew was once again reinforced. To make a good soup, you can't do it half assed w/ premade chicken broth/I shoulda cooked it for longer. I can't really talk poop on it though...I just don't have the time right now to make my own broth. The soup wasn't that great, but the next few days it got better. I would definitely try this again, but add some more herbs/veggies to perk up the soop.
Sorry about the lack of posts. School is just rushing by as I desperately try to keep up w/ the pace. Sometimes in class, I feel like I'm in a dream, that I still can't believe that I'm going here. What's even more bananas is that I'll be a doctor in four years. The highlight of my day today was standing in the hall eating chips and salsa that people had left out from the lunch talk.
To end, I have a quick question. How much do you guys spend per week/month on food (groceries wise)? I felt like I dropped a lot this weekend (granted the farmer's market can be more expensive, but for some things I think well worth it), and I've already cleaned out a majority of it. Well, back to studying some bones, muscles, and the glycolytic pathway.
No soup for me tonight.

2 rah rah rahs:

carol said...

The soup looks good. Too bad it lacked some depth. I rarely make my own chicken broth these days but still try when I can. I tried that brand of broth and only like the mushrrom stock. I pretty much stick to Swanson's now. I wonder if beef stock works better with the soup?

My grocery bill various. This past week I spent $100 which is a bit below average but I had some stuff on hand. I think I average more around $200/week but that's a guestimate.

Cathy Doe said...

Hi Sawyer. I use chicken stock, (not broth) for soups. Less sodium, more flavor. I spend maybe $400 a month on food for the two of us plus 4 canines and 4 felines and we try not to spend more than $150 per month eating out. I do shop sales and make meals from whatever is in season/on sale that week. The Mister and I met in college and are used to being frugal; it's almost a game (albeit a bizarre game) for us.

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