September 2, 2008

summer is almost over

and fantasy basketball season will be here soon!

had a bbq for labor day, and was mildly satisfied with the results. cooked up some rib eyes, rubbed with some sugar, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt , pepper and mixd with some 2 buck chuck merlot and evoo, italian parsley and bay leaf and let it sit for a couple of hours. funnily enough, when i grilled it later, the meat kinda smelled like galbi. also grilled some zucchini, green onions, and corn.

i need to get into the habit of writing my recipes down. last year i found this really nice red wine recipe which i slightly modified and it tasted so damn good, but i never saved it and i can't find it anymore. i overcooked the ribeyes, i like them medium rare, but it came out more to a medium/medium well and a bit dry. my grilling experience isn't very much, and this was the first time i grilled rib eye. i usually like getting tri tip from costco. they were cut thinner than the tritip, so i knew that the cooking time wouldn't be as long. however, i had some problem with starting up the charcoal, and as a result, the rib eye came out a bit over cooked because i left it on too long. my first grilling experience was with gas grills at an apartment complex i used to live at, and man it makes things easier. but i do like charcoal grilling, and i'm learning each time i do it. also had some garlic/pepper burgers, which i bought, but woulda made if i had the time. made some spring rolls with carrots, cabbage, cucumber, mint, cilantro and basil. i'm getting a lot better at rolling them consistently...i've found the smaller i make them the easier it is to roll.

today for dinner i packed myself a turkey sandwich with a lemon/cilantro hummus spread on multi grain bread with tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and basil. don't get the turkey at fresh n easy. it's salty as hell, unless you like that. a boring dinner, but a nice break from the monotony of the library.

i took my dog on a walk today, and passed by this box, which i thought i heard some rustling in. i looked inside and there were these two pidgeons. i stopped by later to drop off a piece of bread, but they were gone.

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