July 9, 2008

domo arigato

domo's sushi and roll

It was one of those rare days where i got out of class early, giving me a chance to grab some dinner before my next class, since i didn't pack my dinner yesterday. i decided to go to domo's, having seen it many times across the street from mt. sac when i walked over to taco nazo. it said japanese fast food and sushi with an A health rating, so i went inside around 540. There was no one inside, but people started to trickle in, some ordering to go. After looking at the menu, i decided to get the spicy teriyaki chicken bowl and the spicy tuna roll. i always have to get the teriyaki chicken whenever i go to a japanese place.

the service was pretty quick. I was first given a bowl of miso soup which was average, and had some pieces of seaweed in it. I also got a nice cup of ice water with a slice of lemon. The spicy tuna roll first came out, 8 pieces for around 5-6 bucks, i don't remember exactly, and they were good sized pieces with not that much rice (like how todai does it), and it was pretty darn spicy. however, something was a bit off, but i couldn't figure it out. still it was ok, and i wasn't expecting the best quality anyhow. next my bowl came out, and i found out that the spicy meant having a bunch of sambal sauce dumped on it. it also came with some steamed veggies, mostly cabbage, with some stray pieces of broccoli, maybe some onion and carrot, i don't remember. my first bite was mmm mmm scrumptious and yummy. but as i really tasted it, it wasn't as good...i think it was because i was just hungry...i hadn't eaten lunch and had a light breakfast. it was a good sized bowl, but my chief complaint was that there was a thin layer of chicken, only covering 2/3 of the bowl...when i say thin i'm talking about white chicken meat sliced about a little under 1 cm thick...with some vegetables, and then a lot of rice. towards the end, it got a bit nasty because the rice had soaked up all the sauce. the chicken was cooked right, not dry, and the sauce, was a bit thin, but it kinda tasted like generic brand sauce, but maybe they made it, i dunno. i regretted ordering the spicy because if i had known it was sambal sauce, i would have preferred it to be on the side, but my fault for not asking. the bowl was i think 4.25 or something like that.

prices are reasonable. when i went in, i thought mom and pops place, because i think they were married, i'm not sure...it was a korean man doing the sushi and the woman doing cashier, taking orders, etc.... its a small place, maybe holding 25 people plus a small sushi bar for 5 . i'm not sure if they sell beer and sake there either....it seems they're more known for the rolls...i didn't try the nigiri

my plan is to try all the places around mt. sac....i've tried the tap ex, jack in the crack, taco nazo, and happy bowl or wok bowl or something like that.....so more to come later.

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