November 22, 2008

Reflection and Tacos

I feel that the more recent of my posts are trash. I'm writing about places I've eaten, rather than places that I want to eat at. In light of this, I suppose those posts can be seen as a resource of the Mt. SAC area and my exploration of the area more than anything else. But having eaten at almost all the restaurants across the street, I found myself not really wanting anything there this week. At least with the semester coming to an end, I'll be able to do more interesting eats.

Taco time.

In the Stater Bros Plaza in Chino Hills, by Grand Ave and Chino Hills Parkway, there is a Mexican restaurant in the left corner called Crazy Coyote. I went once during the summer, and decided to check it out again. The place is a sit down type of place and is very clean and spacious. You can see the kitchen behind the counter, and the service is friendly.

I got some free chips, which were thin, a bit airy, and lightly salted. They were pretty good. Their salsa bar had your standard pico de gallo, a mild blended salsa, and a hot salsa, which tasted like it had been roasted. There were also some carrots, onions, jalapenos. The carrots were fresh and crunchy, but I don't think they really marinated it in vinegar. It was lightly seasoned and enjoyable.

The fish taco on corn tortilla $1.99 It looks like a fat piece of fish, but the batter that it was cooked in was quite thick and tasted different from regular batter used. It tasted a little bit like corn. The fish itself wasn't that great. It came with some kind of mild orange sauce(?), cabbage, onions and pico. They also have a grilled fish taco, which I might try next time.

Carne and lengua taco on corn tortillas. $1.99 and $2.49. I wasn't too impressed with the carne. It was a little dry and lacking in flavor. The tongue was slightly better. They put in a lot of cilantro and onions. The added salsa made the taco taste better.

All in all, I wasn't too impressed with this visit. My last visit was a better experience, in which I got the carne, al pastor and lengua tacos, and the carne tasted better that time. I'd come here again because of their variety in the menu. They have some soups, and advertise that they serve pozole verde on Thursdays and Sundays and mole poblano on Sunday as well. The pozole sounds interesting. I've never had or heard of it until now, and it sounds pretty good from the wiki description.

Crazy Coyote Mexican Grill
14270 Unit E, Chino Hills Parkway
Chino Hills, CA 91709

I just realized I forgot about the dduk, and will have to do that next time...

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